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New junior councillors share manifestos

2021-06-02  Paheja Siririka

New junior councillors share manifestos
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The newly elected junior mayor of the City of Windhoek, Lesley Shetukana, said the youth needs to pay attention to their branding, as it elevates their credibility and ultimately enhances their careers.

Shetukana said this in his manifesto Friday while vying for the position of junior major, before eventually scooping the prestigious title. 

The Dawid Bezhuidenhout head boy advised young Namibians who opt to venture into leadership spheres that leadership is not just one skill but combinations of several different skills working together. 

“Other extra skills needed involve public speaking, which is important because, through that, a leader can motivate others to go in the direction they wish,” expressed Shetukana.

He stressed that the involvement of the youth in such activities is important, as it will push the agenda of many issues that need undivided attention as they affect young people.

“I want to live in a city where the boy child is not neglected; a city where nobody is sexually exploited. This is how we will work on building a better city,” highlighted Shetukana.

The City initiated the junior council, consisting of a junior mayor, deputy junior mayor, treasurer and secretary in 1999 to act as an advisory committee to the City Council through its management committee. 

The junior council contributes towards the development of Windhoek residents through identified and council-approved projects.

The City’s mentorship initiative targets Grade 11 learners to mould them into future leaders by equipping the apprentices with knowledge on the operations of the local authorities and empower them to participate in civic projects.

Shetukana replaces former junior mayor Grace Mackinza.

Deputy mayor Ngeje Kavita from the Chairman Mao Zedong High School said her main focus will be on mental health and the inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ and disabled communities.

“African countries have failed to take mental health seriously and Namibia is no exception. Namibia’s suicide rate remains one of the highest in Africa… I am also in full support of the LGBTQ+ community and all persons living with disabilities. 

“The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable, including individuals with disabilities in everyday activities, and ensuring they have access to resources and opportunities in ways that are similar to their abled peers. I don’t see people for their disabilities or sexual orientation but for who they truly are. I stand for them and speak with volume for their cries to be heard,” she said.

Kavita plans on developing practical programmes where the youth can have a haven and interact with one another.

Mount View High School’s Shivaye Petrus will take over as secretary, while Berhane Wheeler from Amazing Kids Private School will be the treasurer. 

The learners will serve in the positions for two years. 


2021-06-02  Paheja Siririka

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