• August 9th, 2020

New kid on the block with a golden voice

Her blissful voice can fascinate anyone and there is so much power in her lyrics, there is no doubt the music industry just received another golden voice.

Entertainment Now! had a brief chat with the 17-year-old upcoming songstress, Alvara Lucungo on how she’s paving her career path in music.
Born in Windhoek, Alvara started songwriting in 2018 but she officially joined the music industry last year when she released her first album titled ‘Fin’.

As a person with poor vision, Lucungo said, music became her first career choice because the career paths for people with her disability are quite minimal.
“Due to my inability to see clearly, I was indecisive of which career to follow after school and I started singing and songwriting which came easily for me because I am a self-taught songwriter,” said the eloquent speaker.
Lucungo said since she was able to do everything, she realised there was no other place she would rather be, other than the music industry.

The songbird’s album ‘FIN’ which is the shortest form of the word ‘finale’ was named that because it was the finale of her silence.

Majority of people who know her, know that she is a quiet person and through music, Lucungo said she was able to break her silence.

What’s captivating about the singer is her creativity and her ear for music.
Her lyrics are more thoughtful for a teenager, which makes the whole album worth listening to.
She wishes to create a strong fan base, expand her career globally, and also own a record label in a few years from now.
So far, the singer has worked with award-winning singer, Lize Ehlers and she would like to do more collaborations with other artists in the future.

“Lize Ehlers is my mentor, she also facilitated my album and took me under her wing which was very fortunate of me as an upcoming singer,” said Lucungo, adding that she is currently working on her second album.
Lucungo recently released a singled ‘UC’, which is becoming popular on all radio platforms.

Songstress…Upcoming artist Alvara Lucungo
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