• June 7th, 2020

New Nantu leaders reveal plans

WINDHOEK – Newly elected Namibian National Teachers Union (Nantu) secretary general Loide Shaanika said the union will commit its energies to address love affairs between learners and their teachers that have resulted in some of the learners being impregnated.

“There are so many cases we heard of and we totally condemn that. These are the issues we are going to look at. As a union we don’t only negotiate for salaries but have a huge responsibility to educate our members. Teachers in the classroom are seen as parents of learners and we need to conduct ourselves in a manner that learners  feel safe in our hands,” she said.

She said Nantu and the ministry of education should identify gaps in the revised school curriculum and see how to close the gaps in terms of teacher training versus implementation of the revised curriculum. 
Shaanika said that when the curriculum was revised the component of teacher training was not considered and that gap needs to be filled to upgrade teachers’ training.

Shaanika shared some of the resolutions taken at the just ended Nantu congress where she was elected as SG replacing Basilius Haingura.  Shaanika joined the union in 1995 and served in various capacities. She held the position of deputy secretary general for the past 10 years.

“Critical resolutions came out of the congress especially the implementation of the revised curriculum that the congress has tasked us to engage the ministry in terms of identifying the gaps,” she added. 
Ministry of Education Executive Director Sanet Steenkamp did not answer her cellphone regarding the matter.

In addition, Shaanika said the union also has the responsibility to unite teachers in the country because not all are members of Nantu.  “You know during congress or elective congress sometimes people create camps and if we don’t unite these members soonest it might split the membership. I have pledged unity and a resolution was taken at the congress that we need to carry out for the next five years,” she said, adding that at the congress the National Teachers Council was elected and the resolutions that were passed were tasked to the council to carry them out and report back in 2024 when the elected Nantu members’ terms end.
The other newly elected leadership are Nantu president Haihambo Thomas, deputised by Daniel Humbu, while the deputy SG is Thomas Niilonga.

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