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New year; new nothing

2021-01-15  Staff Reporter

New year; new nothing
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Have you taken the time to sit back and deeply think about the fuss about the New Year and everything? 
It has seemingly become a natural tradition to celebrate just about anything without any real intention. 
That is how deep conformity has become engraved into humankind at a cellular and molecular level. 
It has become very normal to do anything for no reason or intention – mostly just because everyone is doing it or that is how we found it when we came into the world. No questions asked and just do it because if you do not, you will look weird and abnormal or attract unnecessary attention that will make you feel bad about yourself.

Let us singularly review the New Year celebration. What would one really celebrate? Is it the mere fact that they have crossed over to an imaginary new period or is it because it means more than that? 
Of course, some people may be celebrating the fact that they have had set themselves goals and they have manifested. For some, it could be that they have been anticipating a great development that would only happen in the New Year. Reasons for celebration could be many – and here, the reference is made of those celebrations that are intentional. 

Unfortunately, for the majority, it is just business as usual. It has even become business as usual to even make and claim that ‘this is my year’. This claim is often made from the premise of optimism that things will get better than the previous year. 
Seemingly, in most cases, this claim is made with a subconscious assumption that somehow some divine miracle will just happen and things will turn out to be at one’s advantage. It is hardly said with deep introspection, reflection and an intention to make significant and fundamental decisions.

Someone once said that if one wants to see different results, then it is a natural prerequisite that the person must do something different of the same differently. In fact, the world did not even have to wait for someone to say it. 
This is because in the olden days, this was common sense – but since it is no longer common, it has become clear that even thinking for oneself has become uncommon. 

Somehow, it is nobody’s fault though – but in fact, it is not a fault but someone’s intention. However, whoever that someone is, he or she is of no paramount importance at this moment. What is worth to mention is just that we have not lost our minds but our minds have been captured. Although we have not lost them, their content is someone else’s products, carefully designed to rob us of our natural joy and wonder.
If only one could choose to do everything and anything consciously with intention. This is because only then one would be able to realise whether their actions are really of their own or the influence from external forces. 

For example, one would realise they may have no real reason to celebrate. There may also be a realisation there may be no need to wish or assume that things will get better simply because it is a new year. 
It may even be a great realisation that real change or progress may not even happen if one is still stuck in their old ways and habits. It may turn out that instead of celebrating, one will experience a cast of doubt and concern – if not guilt and self-blame.  As much as these realisations, doubts and concerns may sound bad, they may turn out to be a very good foundation on which a better future is built.

By Karlos TheGreat
Uncommon sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2021-01-15  Staff Reporter

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