• June 3rd, 2020

New York based ‘Black Door’ still doing everything …albeit in the USA


Jeremiah Ndjoze Whether or not he is a jack of all trades is everyone’s guess. But Moses Shilongo is seemingly dipping his fingers into way too many pies in one lifetime, and even the press is struggling to keep up. After busting onto the entertainment scene as a self-styled model, and eventually getting noticed, Shilongo sneaked off the ramp via the back door and immediately reinvented himself as ‘Black Door’, an Afro-fusion and Kwaito musician with an eclectic taste for colourful suits. The man, or rather the suits became such a common sight along Windhoek’s Independence Avenue in the city centre. So much like a landmark, it was easy to notice the unannounced disappearance. One day the suits were there and then the next day gone! And so was the man. This week however, Entertainment Now can reveal that Shilongo is alive and well and doing everything in the State of New York, in the United States of America (USA). “I’m in The State of New York City and yes I’m still doing music,” Shilongo told this writer this week. “I left the Namibia in 2011 and I’ve been here (in the US) for 7 year. I’m working on my 3rd album now and I’ve recorded seven tracks so far,” Shilongo says confirming that even though the music scene in the US is somewhat different to the local situation, there is still a huge market over there for Afro House right now – a genre that he intends to tap into. In between slaving away in the studio he still finds time to commit to another one of his passions. “I own a company over here called BMFIVE Inc, through which I am trying to break into the diamond industry,” Shilongo maintains without elaborating. This is not the first time that the masses gets to hear about Shilongo’s exploits in the US. In 2015, the Informante weekly newspaper reported that Shilongo has made a name for himself in the American entertainment industry in record time, as an actor and model, since moving there in 2011. The weekly newspaper reported that Shilongo has gotten himself an acting role in the comedy film ‘Top Five’ shot in New York. In the movie, Shilongo reportedly, plays the role of a soldier. The newspaper quoted an excited Black Door appreciating the insight which this acting role gave into the lives of soldiers. “I have more respect for what they do. I finally understand what is required from soldiers and know how hard they have to work,” he says. Shilongo describes himself as a person who makes a move when interested in something. He is also said to have featured in other films, amongst them Blood Ties, Home and Amazing Spider-Man. This in addition to having walked the ramp at a New York Couture as well as Miami Fashion Weeks. He has two albums to his name, My Quest Undercover and 247…Don’t Give Up, released in 2009 and 2012 respectively.
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2018-06-29 12:55:17 | 1 years ago

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