• December 6th, 2020

Nghinyengwile to bring prosperity in Ohangwena constituency

Independent candidate Rehabeam Tulonga Nghinyengwile, who is contesting for the regional council office of Ohangwena constituency, has promised change.
“I’m going to use my entrepreneurial experience to change and restore the dignity of the people within the Ohangwena constituency, mainly youth and men and women in business,” said Nghinyengwile.

He decided to run for the constituency office with plans to transform the community.
“I am going to prioritise things like education. I am certainly going to promote, encourage vocational training and assist unemployed vocationally trained people within the constituency,” he promised.

Nghinyengwile also intends to help put up cellular network towers in affected villages.
The hopeful politician also promised to drive the growth of small scale farming such as poetry and crop production.
In terms of water, Nghinyengwile is going to promote a programme to harvest rainwater through the construction of ponds for water security.
“Health should not be compromised; villages should get clinics and health centres. As a constituency, we must be food self-sufficient,” he said.

“I’m not just making promises to people because I want to get voted, this is not a promise of any sort, but a direct plan on exactly what is going to happen and how a constituency will be run within the next five years,” he said.


Victoria Kaapanda
2020-10-26 07:48:47 | 1 months ago

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