• June 3rd, 2020

Nickey Iyambo: Great leader and man of the people

The passing of Uncle Nickey, as my children fondly referred to him, found me in Onayena church just before the service started. 

As I fought back my tears, my sister Saara, who worked closely with him for many years, called to confirm the dreadful news. 
The congregation stood up for a minute of silence in honour of one of their very own. As an empathetic person, Dr Iyambo cared and loved his family deeply. 

Our former vice-president was a man of extraordinary wisdom. In spite of being a great thinker, he was more humble, respectful, accommodative and compassionate than most. 

In his humility, he never forgot where he came from. I saw him on various occasions providing support to ordinary people in times of need. He would visit the elderly just like an ordinary person and spoke to them in the language they understood.
Honourable Dr Nickey Iyambo was a great leader, a unifier, an honest and principled man. During my parliamentary years, I saw him in action not only as the great thinker but also as a unifier. 

When tempers ran high, he would sit quietly and attentively. And when everybody was done talking he would raise his hand and provide a solution which was acceptable to all.

It is not farfetched to say that Namibia has lost a descent, humble and humane public servant. Now that he is gone, let us emulate his example and work diligently to serve the Namibian nation. 

As we do this, let us not forget to provide support to his family in their time of healing and need. 
He has fought a good fight and finished his race with distinction. 
Go well uncle Nickey and may your soul rest in eternal peace! 
*Professor Elizabeth Amukugo works for the University of Namibia (Unam) but wrote this tribute in her personal capacity.

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