• July 20th, 2019
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NNOC gets shot in the arm from abroad

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter Windhoek - President of the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) Abner ‘Big Daddy’ Xoagub and the president of the Macedonian Olympic Committee, Dr Vasil Tupurkovski, signed an MoU in Skopje, Macedonia for the next four years for the implementation of the following; Art.1  The parties expressed their unquestionable determination to develop and promote Olympic and sport cooperation and to give to each other best possible support, in any occasion that may appear.  Art.2  The parties will encourage the national sport federations to coordinate their actions and foster their bilateral cooperation in the area of sport, specially youth and top-level sport.  Art.3  The parties will dedicate sole attention to the fostering, development and promotion of the exchange and cooperation of sport experts and sport knowledge in the area of sport management and sport administration, as well as in top-level sport and in the promotion and improvement of better sport performance and sport results of the athletes of both countries using the sports infrastructure and sports facilities of the other party.  Art.4  The parties will encourage their national sport federations to promote the mutual sport exchange of athletes, experts, programs and sports facilities.  Art.5  The parties will encourage their athletes to participate in international competitions that will be held on the territory of one of the parties and will encourage their national sport federations to make direct contact related to fostering the mutual exchange of experts and cooperation on highest possible level. Art.6  The parties will encourage mutual exchange of experts and cooperation between the experts in the field of sport science, sport medicine and doping control.  Art.7  The financial conditions will be established through additional consultation with the national sport federations. We encourage that the method the country sends the athletes/experts will be responsible for the financial means for the trip and the country that receives the athletes/experts will be responsible for the financial means for the accommodation, meals and the local transport.  Art.8  This Agreement for Olympic and sport cooperation will be in force from the day of the signing of this document and will be valid for a period of four years. The terms and the conditions of the Agreement for sport cooperation will be automatically continued for a period of an additional four years if the parties do not express intention to end the validation of this Agreement for sport cooperation.  Art.9  The Agreement for Olympic and sport cooperation is signed on 10th of May 2018, in four identical copies on English language, two for each side.  The immediate focus will be sport administration and management training for all Olympic and Commonwealth sport code administrators. The following sport disciplines are identified to benefit, but the list is not limited: Tennis, Table Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, Netball, Boxing and Marathon. Further details will be established between the national sport federations, members of the parties.
New Era Reporter
2018-05-11 11:34:59 1 years ago

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