• July 14th, 2020

No electricity tariff increase for Erongo

WALVIS BAY – Residents of Erongo can breathe a collective sigh of relief as there won’t be any electricity price increase until July next year when the tariffs will come up for review.  Farmers in the region will also see a reduction from up to six percent on their overall Erongo RED bills.

The electricity distributor made the announcement at a press conference in Walvis Bay.
Acting chief executive manager of Erongo RED Nico Niemand on Wednesday told the media that they submitted a -0.10 percent increase to the Electricity Control Board after NamPower announced an average decrease of 2.5 percent countrywide in May.

“This means that the electricity price will remain unchanged for the next 12 months and customers will only incur a slight increase on statutory tariffs which is about 2 cents,” Niemand said.
Commenting on the decrease for farmers, Niemand said they took into consideration the severe drought in the country and that most of the farmers in Erongo are also affected by it.

“ECB granted Erongo RED [permission] to reduce the network service fee by 10 percent.  However, depending on whether they have a first or second supply or special supply in fixed charges,” he said.
According to  Niemand, Erongo RED is also committed to provide subsidised tarrifs to pensioners, which will also remain unchanged until 2020.  

He appealed to pensioners on subsidised tarrifs to visit their nearest office and re-rerigester to conitinue the benefit. This also applies to low-income earners that want to be reduce their amps.
According to Niemand, Erongo RED took into account the current economic situation and the impact of electricity costs on all its customers. It also looked into all possible ways to ensure that they cushion the impact of tariff adjustments to customers and at the same time ensure sustainability of the company.

Eveline de Klerk
2019-08-02 07:34:39 | 11 months ago

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