• June 2nd, 2020

‘No Mercy Part 7’ all about unearthing boxing gems

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Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-This weekend’s ‘No Mercy Part 7’ boxing bonanza will not only be about mega title fights, where the likes of Paulus ‘Hitman’ Moses, Sakaria ‘Desert Storm’ Lukas and Jeremiah ‘No Respect’ Nakathila will feature, but will also be about unearthing and exposing Namibia’s hidden boxing talents. Promoted by the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy, the No Mercy Part 7 boxing Bonanza will take place at the Windhoek Country Club on Saturday, where Namibia’s former WBA world champion Paulus ‘Hitman’ Moses will defend his coveted WBO Africa Lightweight title against Tanzania’s Saidi Mundi. Lukas and Nakathila will also be involved in title fights on the night, with the former scheduled to defend his WBO Africa Featherweight title against Mudde Rabisa from Uganda, while latter will challenge Tanzania’s Said Chino for the vacant WBO Africa Jnr Lightweight title. But the night’s action will not be confined to those three continental championship belt fights; some of the country’s top boxing prospects, such as crowd favourites Mendu Kaangundue and Mike Shonena, amongst others will be in action, all to make their mark and prove they are indeed the future of Namibian boxing. Of late, Kaangundue and Shonena have stood head and shoulders above the rest, especially when it comes to their knack in finishing off fights in astounding fashion and their overall confidence as rising boxing stars. In terms of qualities, both pugilists are a marvel to watch, with Kaangundue the more aggressive, powerful, pressing and always trying to finish his fights within the distance. When compared to many up and coming fighters, Kaangundue packs a strong jaw and a mean right hand, while his footwork can easily be mistaken for that of the legendary Evander Holyfield. Shonena is more reserved and appears harmless at first sight, but he is equally a pressing fighter and strategic in his moves at the same time. One impressive quality Shonena has is ability to calmly read opponents before unleashing his missiles. He too packs a mean right hand punch and is a certified crowd-puller in his own right. This Saturday, Kaangundue fights Zimbabwe’s Silas Mbandeya over six rounds in their welterweight fight, while Shonena takes on Malawi’s Wilson Masamba also over six rounds in their middleweight bout. Other promising and upcoming boxing stars will also be in action on the night.
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