• July 13th, 2020

No tariff hikes for Walvis residents

WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay residents can breathe a sigh of relief as there will be no local authority tariff increase for the new financial year. 
This announcement was made on Friday afternoon by the Walvis Bay council during the re-tabling of the  2020/2021 municipal budget. 
The council also announced some new and welcoming relief measures for residents, especially pensioners.
Chairperson of the management committee Lilo Niilenge on Friday explained that the zero increase covers property rates and taxes, water and related supply services, refuse removal and sanitation services.  

She said that the council also waived the  monthly rental charges for informal traders until December.
“The interest charges of customers and ratepayers who settle their accounts between 1 July and 1 December will also be waived. Senior citizens will not only pay N$12.47 for 30 units unlike the N$21.98 they paid in the past for 20 units of water. Refuse will be N$64.91 per month instead of N$202.18, the municipal charge for a typical residential tariff,” Niilenge added.
Initially council during the  tabling of the budget proposed an 8% and 5% tariff increase for water and other services, respectively, but resulting in the community and Swapo members objecting to the increase.

Municipal CEO Muronga Haingura earlier explained that the proposed tariff increase was based on the expected increase by the bulk suppliers Namwater and Erongo RED. 
However,  Walvis Bay mayor Immanuel Wilfred said that both bulk suppliers did not increase their tariffs, prompting the council to also revise their operating budget and tariffs.
“We have taken into consideration the plight of our residents and are pleased to announce that there will be no adverse effect on the pockets of our ratepayers during the new financial year,” Wilfred said.
- edeklerk@nepc.com.na

Eveline de Klerk
2020-06-22 08:50:43 | 21 days ago

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