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No tariff increase for Walvis amid N$293m debt

2021-06-07  Eveline de Klerk

No tariff increase for Walvis amid N$293m debt
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WALVIS BAY – The Walvis Bay municipality will not increase its tariffs for water and other related services for the current financial year.

This is despite outstanding debt by residents and institutions standing at N$293 million. The council did also not increase such tariffs during the previous financial year. This is according to the chairperson of the management committee Leroy Victor who tabled the 2021/2022 budget last week. 

Victor said the council is expecting to generate N$759 million while their expenditure is equal to their expected revenue. “No tariff adjustments on these services are proposed for the two consecutive financial years, despite the fact that service providers such as NamWater might increase their tariffs later this year. However, the council has managed to balance its operational budget as required,” he said. He added residents should thus make use of the current amnesty meant to assist them in paying off their debt. “Amnesty interest will write off all outstanding interest levied once the capital amount has been settled in full and is in force until 31 December,” he said. Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes earlier explained the initial debt in April this year stood at N$416 million with the council owing nothing to NamWater. “Considering the current outstanding service debt, I would humbly encourage our residents to keep on paying their utilities as this will provide the council with much needed revenue to execute its duties,” Forbes said. He earlier attributed the high debt to the downward economic trajectory, Covid-19, unauthorised water reconnections and leakages among others. “We still ensured that the council pays its bills to our service providers. I think it is only fair for the public to also grant council the same courtesy by ensuring that they pay or make the necessary arrangements to settle their accounts,” said Forbes.


2021-06-07  Eveline de Klerk

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