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No tariff increases for Walvis residents

2021-05-11  Loide Jason

No tariff increases for Walvis residents

Walvis Bay deputy mayor Saara Mutondoka has presented residents with the town’s budget for 2021/22, which includes N$38 million for bulk water and sewer services to Farm 37. 

The newly elected deputy mayor assured the residents there will be no tariff increases this year. 

“Even though a maximum increase of 5% is expected from the bulk supplier, the council has managed to balance its budget without any increases on utility services like water, refuse and sewerage, including rates and taxes,” she added.

Farm 37, which has a capacity of 30 000 erven, was approved last year by Cabinet for the decongestion of close to 800 households in Walvis Bay alone.

 Mutondoka explained that N$29 million is reserved to start Narraville Extension 8, of which its total cost will exceed N$50 million because that extension will yield about 185 residential erven. 

According to Mutondoka, another N$14 million is earmarked for Erf 8635 KS next to Tutaleni pump station, expected to yield about 200 low-cost erven.

“We have already embarked upon bulk earthworks in both of the above two developments – and services to these two extensions are planned to be completed within the next 18 months,” she said. 

She stated that the council has made budgetary provisions totalling the amount of about N$ 44 million for repair/upgrade/maintenance of roads infrastructure.

“In the meantime, earthworks and planning will also commence on several other areas, including Meersig Extension 3, Narraville Extension 11 and Narraville Farm 79,” she stated.

Council has also budgeted around N$64 million on sewerage system upgrades and replacements for 2021/22, of which N$15 million is for the construction of the new Kuisebmond pump station and N$6 million for new sewage lifting pump station close to the Baptist Church in Kuisebmond to bring hydraulic flow relief.

Similarly, a new lifting station of N$6 million was also designed for the lagoon as well as a N$4 million for Narraville to improve the hydraulic flow for the areas.

“Three of the four pump stations are already designed. A new jetting/vacuum sewage truck will also be purchased to assist with the cleaning and maintenance of the sewer reticulation system,” presented. 

She further stated that several critical sewer line sections were identified for relocation/replacements, which are Pelican, Sandwich, 6th Street, Mautamanene, Moses Garoeb and Rikumbi Kandanga streets.

Mutondoka further stated that the procurement process of a valuator for a five-year annual valuation, as per section 66 (3) of the Local Authorities Act, is about to be finalised.

“New values are expected to be implemented by January 2022 once all the legal procedures have been finalised. Rates payers will be informed via available communication channels, as usual, regarding the progress,” she stated.

The procurement process to acquire 1 000 pre-paid water meters has been finalised to the total value of N$2 million. 

The process to order these meters has already begun and is ongoing.


2021-05-11  Loide Jason

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