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NOI Coding Kids offers upscale children services

2019-10-16  Staff Reporter

NOI Coding Kids offers upscale children services

Aletta Shikololo

Namibia Optimus Investment (NOI) Coding Kids is an afternoon care school that works to supplement the current school curriculum with technology.

To develop persistence, enhance creativity and develop logical thinking among children, NOI Coding Kids offers upscale children services and computer programming to children aged between five to 16 years old.

It focuses on teaching children how to create with technology as opposed to how to use technology. 

At NOI, children are taught how to create their own computer games, build and configure robots as well as assemble computers from scratch.

Talking to Youth Corner, NOI operation manager Frieda Shiikwa said computer literacy helps children access knowledge and understand computer language.

“We teach child radiofrequency databases, applications development and robotics, with an overview of the internet of things. Since the 4th industrial revolution is around the corner, we believe it’s most important to prepare young minds for it than waiting from elementary level to be taught basics about the computers, they are more receptive to learn and they hardly forget,” says Shiikwa.
He  added that children do their own programming projects and they have mastered what they have learned.
Their vision is to build a nation of innovative and creative children.

2019-10-16  Staff Reporter

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