• April 22nd, 2019
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Noordgrens scales new heights


John Muyamba Rundu-Noordgrens Secondary School in Rundu officially inaugurated its technical block last Friday where learners are being taught technical subjects such as electricals, motor mechanics and welding. Noordgrens is the first school in Kavango East to start with technical education training. “Today we are gathered here to witness a dream which was started and completed to build on a variety of education opportunities to broaden and cater for the needs and skills for the diverse nation,” said the school’s headmistress, Ilse Bekker. “Today we see the grand opening of the new technical block, providing new facilities and a much improved learning environment for our learners. I’m sure that the government’s investment in our school will be good value for money but also to appreciate that money is not everything and certainly not the most important thing. The human spirit is most important as money can improve the school’s physical environment but it cannot buy the vision and passion that guide school development. Let us acknowledge the members of the school management and teachers whose professionalism has helped the school,” she said. “I know how excited learners are with the new technical building as respective learners and teachers move into it. I hope that they will use it wisely and creatively, and with this new development and continuous efforts I’m sure that our school will scale new heights in all aspects,” Bekker added. The technical block is named after the Kavango East education director, Fanuel Kapapero. “Whoever thought about this is highly appreciated and it’s from the bottom of my heart. The greatest gift that one can give to mankind is service. It is on that basis that I accept the naming of the technical block with humility,” Kapapero said. “Of course you have listened to the State of the Nation Address by the president, under pillar number 3 of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) which deals with social progression. It says vocational education and training is steadily emerging as a global front runner,” Kapapero noted. “It is driving the national agenda and features prominently in the strategic and operational priorities of regional economic communities and multilateral organisations and it further says that for Namibia to improve its global competitiveness it is important that our citizens have the required technical and vocational skills. Developed economies were not built by PhD holders only, but by craftsmen and artisans, people that do not even have names but they have the skills – they are the ones that move the economy,” he continued. According to Kapapero the introduction of the technical stream at Noordgrens is part of curriculum reforms and in the near future it will be expanded to other secondary schools. “We are targeting Linus Shashipapo Secondary School. As soon as it is renovated there will be a technical block. I have seen the design, so they start with the technical stream. We have also introduced prevocational subjects at senior primary level,” he told those in attendance.
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