• October 26th, 2020

Nored probes electric shock incident

ONGWEDIVA – An investigation has been ordered in the electrocution of an electrician employed by the Northern Regions Electricity Distribution Company (Nored) during a planned shutdown at Ondangwa on 4 October this year. The employee survived the electric shock incident. 

“The staff member has received medical treatment and is in a stable condition. Currently, we are busy with technical investigations to establish the facts about this unfortunate incident,” said Nored spokesperson Simon Lukas. 
The victim claimed he was electrocuted after his supervisor reportedly switched on the mini sub-station while he was still carrying out his work. 
Narrating the story, John Uutoni, the brother of the electrocuted electrician said what transpired is pure negligence on the part of the supervisor because he was not the one in charge of switching the sub-station during the said operation. 

“My brother was entrusted with the responsibility of switching on the sub-station. He switched it on in the morning when the operation started and was expected to switch it off after the operation,” said Uutoni. 
He said the switching on and off of the station can only be done once everyone has been cleared of having completed their work. Uutoni said what transpired was a manifestation that safety measures are not adhered to. 
“As a result, we could have lost our brother,” said Uutoni. 

Uutoni, on the behalf of his family, is thus pleading to Nored to step up its safety measures. He also called on the institution to take action against his brother’s supervisor. 
Nored, however, disputed that their safety measures are not up to standard.  “Nored, as a regulated entity, conforms and complies to the National Electricity Safety Code. Therefore, Nored is always trying to ensure that employees adhere to safety and regulations measures,” said Lukas.  

The technician was discharged from hospital and is currently recuperating at home.
- nashipala@nepc.com.na

Nuusita Ashipala
2020-10-12 10:13:40 | 13 days ago

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