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Uncommon Sense - Normality, the enemy of progress

2021-06-11  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon Sense - Normality, the enemy of progress
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Karlos Naimwhaka 

Of late, there has been emerging thoughts and ideas on what the world is all about. In all discussions of this kind though, it all eventually boils down to perception. How one perceives the world determines their life experience. This would then mean that whoever wishes to control one’s life and experience, can simply do so by controlling one’s perception.

Apart from all the technology and digital platforms, one’s perception is mainly controlled by religion, politics, and even cultural and tribal beliefs. The environment, the circumstances and even geographical location also have such influence to a great extent. It is around these aspects upon which one’s livelihood is built and their experiences thereof.

Religious, political, and cultural beliefs are the ones that create normality. This means that these aspects, tacitly, decide what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and good or bad. What is interesting though is that in most cases, especially culturally, you find that there has not even been a formal engagement to reach a common agreement on these parameters of normality. These are simply agreed upon via modelling and assimilation. It also happens that to those who happened to be born and grow up in such environment and circumstances just follow suit. This is done without any critical inquiry and on assumption that the elder and those who have been here longer must know better.

All this happens and goes on as normal. It goes on as if redundancy can be a problem to everything else, except this. It goes on even when discoveries and changes on all fronts are inevitable. Since the cycle continues, eventually it will get to the point where society does not only chase its own tail but goes as far as biting it off. This is almost the point of no return though because even when the earlier signs were present and alarming sirens could be heard, the majority were stuck in their own way.

Truth is that if one does not learn from history, and especially its mistakes, the chances of it repeating itself remains quite high. It is even catastrophic when one does not even know the history. When there is no deliberate effort and intention for something better or greater, mediocrity becomes the highest standard. Without the zeal and desire for better things, not only on an individual basis but as a collective, is an epitome for self-destruction and abject circumstances.

Therefore, greatness calls upon all men and women who have a vision for a new earth and breath of fresh air to stand up to normality and its statutes. It requires those who can question, and place demands for change at every level of society from those who are obligated to do so but instead are stalling the change and growth. History demands that, just as the forefathers have fought for territorial independence, young men and women should do the same not only for economic freedom but more importantly freedom of critical thinking and inquiry.

Conformity, complacency, and ignorance have no place amid those who uphold the principles of greatness. It is for the mere reason than any other that blind-following and group-thinking shall not be condoned. In a world engulfed with darkness, deception and corruption, the brave men and women who dare to stand for truth and change become the beacon of hope. Those who stand up even when there is so much at stake as the sacrifice for the future of humankind, sung or unsung, shall forever be heroes. For those who do not do so, history shall never forget their submission to cowardice.  

By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-06-11  Karlos Naimwhaka

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