• July 23rd, 2019
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NPL tells First Divisions to ready themselves…to start on March 3

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-The chairperson of the Southern Stream First Division (SSFD), Kandas Gaoseb, says all football activity in the country’s three first divisions will soon be up and running after they were given March 3 as the official kickoff date for their activities. The chairpersons of the three First Divisions, the North East Stream First Division (NESFD), North West Stream First Division (NWSFD) and SSFD, yesterday held a meeting with the chairman of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) Patrick Kauta, where fresh news around the three divisions was shared. Although no official sponsors for the country’s first divisions have been announced by the NPL to date, Gaoseb told New Era Sport that Kauta assured them a sponsor will soon be declared as talks were at an advanced stage and the prospects are looking bright. “I’m coming from a meeting with the NPL chairman and the issue of the country’s first division was discussed and we were promised that everything is under control. My other two colleagues (from the NWSFD and NESFD) were also present at the meeting, where Kauta gave us March 3 as our kickoff date plus he also promised that a sponsor for the first divisions will soon be announced as talks are going well. After begging for a meeting with him (Kauta), it’s a relief to hear that at least there is some progress and teams will soon be back in action,” said Gaoseb, who disclosed that each first division will need at least N$1 million to revive their activities. He also said Kauta yesterday promised that the NPL will in the meantime try and advance a small amount of money to the three divisions to help with logistical issues as they prepare for the March 3 kickoff date. But was however reluctant to disclose the amount the NPL plans to temporarily advance to them. Yesterday’s meeting and the announcement of the new kickoff date left many confused because the NPL was initially given until January 24 by its principle sponsors MTC and FNB Namibia to secure sponsorship for the first divisions, or otherwise risk losing their sponsorship as both sponsors feared there won’t be relegation and promotion in the absence of first division football. January 24 came and went and it is still not clear where NPL and its two sponsors stand at the moment as far as their initial deadline is concerned. Also, further digging by New Era Sport yesterday brought to light that most NPL executive members were in the dark regarding Kauta’s meeting with the three chairpersons of the first divisions, as all those that were approached said it was news to them as no communication had ever taken place regarding such a meeting. Similarly, NPL chief administrator Tovey Hoebeb – who should know every small detail around the operations of the NPL and the first division – surprisingly pleaded ignorance when asked about yesterday’s meeting, saying he only heard about the meeting but was not aware nor was he informed about it by Kauta.
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2018-02-09 11:03:22 1 years ago

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