• April 22nd, 2019
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NSC breaks silence on missing millions… ‘let due process take its course’

World, Sport, Sports
World, Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Amidst shocking revelations of alleged fraudulent practices that rocked the country’s sports presiding body in recent days, the National Sports Commission (NSC) has finally broken its long silence on the damning allegations of financial irregularities within its ranks. The NSC this week issued a statement to all umbrella sport bodies, national sport associations, partners and stakeholders in which it clarified its stance on the allegations. “We have learnt from recent reports in local media concerning the arrest of two former employees of the Sports Commission”, noting that the fraud case has been remanded to August 18. It further states that when the current board took office, it set itself the target of examining and reporting on all anomalies, while ensuring the image of the NSC is restored and maintained through a transparent process, with all essential checks and balances in place. “In line with the above vision, NSC resolved at its extraordinary meeting on 17th November 2016, to review difficulties, problems, achievements and exploits of the Commission since inauguration. The gathering also sought to devise tactics and strategies for the remainder of their term of office in order to ensure NSC maintains and indeed invigorates its position on annual activities. “We want to assure our esteemed leaders of all national sport bodies, umbrella sport bodies and all other stakeholders of our continued commitment and dedication to serve sport in Namibia. The Commission’s work is continuing as normal.” Further, the NSC said it respects the rights of all parties concerned in the pending criminal case and inasmuch as the issues in question are the subject of pending court proceedings, it was not appropriate for the NSC to reveal any facts or to express any view on the issue at hand, trusting that justice will prevail. “As a board entrusted with the running of the country’s sports affairs, we can now focus on improving the management and administration of sport, as mandated by the Namibia Sport Act and the terms of reference given to us by the appointing authorities. “The Commission depends on the goodwill of its national umbrella sports bodies, the national, partners and all stakeholders, particularly its corporate sponsors and partners to execute our responsibilities. “We are appealing to all concerned parties to accept our assurance and resolve to build a stronger and transparent sports commission,” concludes the statement signed by NSC chairman Joel Matheus.
New Era Reporter
2017-08-01 12:30:15 1 years ago

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