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Ochurub brings out ‘The village girl’ novel

2021-09-27  Staff Reporter

Ochurub brings out ‘The village girl’ novel
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Emilie Shimbali


Simson Ochurub, an advocate for promoting Namibian reading culture, has launched his first book, The Village Girl, at the Goethe-Institut on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old author developed the need to find another way to express the voices of the voiceless, pointing to the many challenges marginalised communities face in society.

“From the community judgements to the discrimination and mistreatment of disadvantaged communities, this book was essential,” he said.

‘The Village Girl’ is a fictional novel about a young Himba girl who gets a chance to be in the education system; she moved to the city to study at a tertiary institution, but the big city’s many faces became distractive. 

She went through many trials and tribulations, but eventually pulled through.

Ochurub is not only interested in publishing a book, but he is more passionate about reviving Namibia’s reading culture by revising the old cultural norm of telling stories and putting it in writing. “In the past, the elders would always tell us stories, but this is no longer the case. I want to advocate for the teaching of Namibian literature in our schools because I believe our stories are very relevant to our scholars,” he said. The book goes through 15 chapters, with beautiful cultural, tourism and romantic scenes as well as action drama. There is something for everyone. Chloe Brandt, a former Miss Namibia contestant and winner of the best public speaker award 2021, delivered a moving speech about how the storyline is relatable to many Namibians who are migrating to cities.

“It was incredible to see young people participating in this type of launch, and it is exciting to see that there is a reading community in Namibia,” she said.

Copies are available in Windhoek and other towns.  The author can be reached at 0813051660.

2021-09-27  Staff Reporter

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