• February 28th, 2020

Octogenarian defrauded of N$300 000

Collins Limbo

WINDHOEK - A gang of conmen took advantage of an 83-year-old Eros resident and defrauded him of N$300 000 in 2018.

The octogenarian, residing in Eros, only reported on November 29, 2019, that he was defrauded of N$300 000 in 2018. 

A gang of men allegedly approached him and pretended to be police officers. Before such a huge amount of money was taken from him for the second time, the men who pretended and posed as police officers came to the old man earlier on November 28, 2019, and managed to get N$4 500 and a cell phone. The undercover officers informed the victim to meet them at Natis in the Northern Industrial area around 14h00, whereby they approached the suspects, who managed to flee the scene using a gateways car and one escaped on foot.  The suspect who chose to flee on foot was swiftly approached and arrested under the bridge of Monte Cristo Road adjacent to Nampower, but one police officer was shot and wounded.  

A Samsung smart phone worth N$4 500 was recovered, confirmed police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi. “At present, no further information was obtained to whether the rest of the suspects were arrested too, apart from one suspect arrested. We have not received any update with regard to the arrest of the remaining suspects, apart from one who was arrested while running on foot.’

In an unrelated incident between November 30 and December 01, 2019, at Onamagongani village in Ohangwena Region, a 53-year-old police officer Andreas Petrus committed suicide by shooting himself with a service pistol he was using while deployed for the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

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2019-12-05 07:50:26 | 2 months ago

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