• September 21st, 2020


Query: Someone informed me all retired veterans, should report ourselves with certain documents to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs. I would like to find out if there are regional offices where those of us who do not reside in Windhoek could go? Or should we travel to Windhoek for this purpose and how often? If we have to travel to Windhoek, will our travel expenses be taken care of by the ministry and our stay for that period be catered for as well? Response: The Ministry of Veterans Affairs conducted an exercise to verify the existence of recipients of the N$ 2200 Monthly Financial Assistance as well as well as recipients of the Improvement Welfare Grant in all the 13 regions as of October to November 2016, in exception of Khomas, where the verification process took place at the Veterans Affairs Head Office from 16-20 January 2017.  The aim of the verification process, which was also extended to dependents of deceased veterans, is for Veterans Affairs to authenticate that the above mentioned benefits are being received by the intended recipients, as well as to update our databases on the number of recipients still receiving these benefits. To the author of the above SMS, Veterans Affairs has regional offices in all the fourteen (14) regions of Namibia, hence the verification exercise which was carried out in all the 14 regions, did not require veterans living outside the Khomas region to travel to Windhoek to be verified. Query: Ministry of Veterans Affairs, you are wasting money with applying S&T for biometrics which members are supposed to do themselves at any time and place. Go and make or ask GIPF and Nampost how they work with biometrics without wasting S&T. Response: Veterans Affairs thanks the author and takes the opportunity to clarify that, it has consulted the GIPF and the company responsible for setting up the GIPF’s biometric system, in addition to consultations with the Office of the Prime Minister. It should however be noted biometrics is a costly exercise and requires millions of dollars which need to be budgeted for. In the meantime, Veterans Affairs is issuing all veterans of the national liberation struggle, veterans’ identification cards for easy identification. As mandated, Veterans Affairs will continue to pursue excellence in coordinating governments efforts on all aspects related to addressing the plight of veterans and to ensure that the needs and aspirations of the veterans are met. Edson Haufiku Public Relations Officer Office of the Vice President: Veterans Affairs Email: Edson.Haufiku@mova.gov.na Tel: 061 296 3028
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2017-01-31 13:02:26 | 3 years ago

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