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Special Focus, National
Special Focus, National

Query: Unfair labour practice in the Office of the Prime Minister. Doctors under the ministry of health and officers under the Anti-Corruption Commission (grade 5) have car allowances. However, school principals and legal officers in the same grade don’t have those perks. All of this for reasons only known to the Prime Minister herself. Response: The table hereunder shows the grading of the functional levels in the mentioned job categories. Functional level Before JEG After JEG Medical Officer 4 A(P) Grade 5 Chief Legal Officer 4B(P) Grade 5 School Principal T4C Grade 5 Before the job evaluation and grading (JEG), medical and chief legal officers were on salary levels in the management cadre where a motor vehicle allowance (MVA) was applicable. During JEG the content of the two functions were measured and graded, resulting in both, the medical and chief legal officers being placed on job grade 5 which is below the management cadre. Management cadres are on job grades 4 to 1. However, since the MVA applied before JEG and both categories of medical and legal officers were identified as those in the category where recruitment and retention is difficult, the MVA was retained for recruitment and retention purposes. The job category of school principal was graded T4C before JEG, which is below the management cadre. After JEG the functional level of a school principal was placed further down on job grade 5. In addition, school principal is not a job category where recruitment and retention is difficult. The MVA was thus never applicable and is not applicable to this job category. Query: The Namibian Gvernment wants to reduce the retirement age because of a huge salary bill, while they just increased the members in Cabinet and Parliament. This is a big joke, considering that politicians sometimes stay in office well beyond 70. Response: This issue has been grossly misunderstood. Two issues need to be made clear: Firstly, that government is only investigating the possibility and feasibility of reducing the age of early retirement. No decision has been taken as yet. No plan was designed and consultation with relevant stakeholders – including the GIPF, actuaries, the Public Service Commission and trade unions – will take place to establish the costs and benefits of the proposal before a decision is taken whether to go ahead with the proposal or not. Secondly, early retirement will be a voluntary retirement as it is the case at the current early retirement age of 55 years. Nobody will be forced to go on early retirement. The nation is thus urged to remain calm. Query: There is a saying “the path to hell is paved with good intentions” the new Namibian BEE called NEEEF or whatever it’s going to be named, will be another example of a good intention which will serve to pave the road to hell. Response: The Office of the Prime Minister – OPM – has taken note of the public’s concerns and views about the NEEEF Bill. OPM is thus requesting the public: – To access both the NEEEF Framework and the NEEEF Bill from the website at www.opm.gov.na and to thoroughly study and comprehend these documents; – To address specific provisions of the Bill and to comment accordingly; and – To submit their queries, comments and inputs on the NEEEF Draft Bill in written form to Ms Mutindi Lydia Mulwa of the Law Reform and Development Commission at: mutindimulwa@gmail.com. OPM welcomes constructive proposals on how the Bill can be improved. Saima Shaanika, Public Relations Officer, Office of the Prime Minister, E-mail Address: Saima.Shaanika@opm.gov.na
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