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Ohangwena, Omusati maintain status quo

2020-12-07  Nuusita Ashipala

Ohangwena, Omusati maintain status quo

Ohangwena’s Erickson Ndawanifa and Andreas Shintama from Omusati were last week retained as chairpersons of their respective regional councils. 
Shintama, the councillor for Ruacana constituency replaced former chairman Modestus Amutse who joined the National Assembly in March this year.

Other members of the management committee are the new incoming councillor for Outapi constituency Immanuel Shikongo and Oshikuku’s Matheus Gabriel.
The third member of the management committee is Otamanzi’s Johannes Iiyambo.
The leadership also nominated the councillor for Okalongo constituency Laurentius Iipinge and Okahao’s Leonard Shikulo to represent the region in the National Council.

Gerhard Shiimi of the Elim constituency retained his seat at the National Council.
The other new councillors Tylves Angala of Anamulenge, Petrus Simon of Onesi, Hans Haikali of Etayi and Daniel Iilende of Ogongo join Junias Amunkete as ordinary members of the regional council.
Amunkete was retained as the councillor for Tsandi constituency.

Andreas Shintama, in his acceptance speech, said while it is worth celebrating the victory in the region, the team has a daunting task to ensure Swapo manifesto is implemented without compromise.
“This will ensure that the livelihood of all the inhabitants of the Omusati region is improved. Comrades we must deliver the required services timely so that people realise their dreams and aspirations which basically translate into prosperity that every citizen desires,” Shintama said.

Meanwhile, at Ohangwena, the management committee consists of incoming councillor Ester Nghidimbwa of Oshikango and Hilaria Ndjuluwa of Ondobe and Ferdinand Shifidi who previously served as an ordinary member.
In the National Council, only Lonia Kaishungu retained her position.

New councillors Olivia Hanghuwo of Eenhana and Elkan Hanghuwo of Engela will join Kaishungu in the National Council.
Festus Ikanda, who previously served as a management member, is now an ordinary councillor with Mathews Shikongo of Ongenga, Lebius Efraim of Okongo, Johannes Hakanyome of Ohangwena and Mathews Nanghama of Epembe.
Ndawanifa, who also serves as constituency councillor of Omulonga, in his acceptance speech said this term will not be business as usual.

“Upon our elections, we are expected to deliver better services to our people. We are given a big responsibility by the people through elections; therefore, we have to account to the electorates who voted for us,” said Ndawanifa.
He thus requested to the central committee to avail adequate funds for the council to deliver effective and efficient service delivery.

2020-12-07  Nuusita Ashipala

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