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Okahandja’s stray dogs a menace

2021-05-19  Albertina Nakale

Okahandja’s stray dogs a menace
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The stray dogs problem in Okahandja has reached epic proportions, with the Garden Town’s hospital having recorded an increase in dog bites in various locations.

Between January and March 2021, 48 cases of dog bites were reported, with the majority emanating from the Nau-Aib location.

Okahandja’s acting chief executive officer Pesella Nuda on Monday said there is an abnormal number of lost and abandoned dogs recorded at the town, which increases the number of dog bite incidents.

The municipality is also inundated with cases of dogs roaming around the streets. 

“There is an abnormality in the number of cases reported at the Okahandja state hospital. The result could be an outbreak of rabies,” Nuda said.

The municipality has cautioned residents, especially dog owners, to take precautionary measures to curb diseases.

Rabies is a contagious disease that spreads through the bite of an infected dog or cat.

Therefore, Nuda encouraged owners that all dogs and cats should be vaccinated against rabies every year to avoid the transmission of diseases to humans or other animals.

The municipality is in contact with the veterinary directorate in Okahandja to ensure vaccination points are visible for people to get their pets vaccinated. 

“Residents with dogs are required to vaccinate their dogs at the local veterinary office in Martin Neib Avenue, opposite the town hall, every year,” he informed residents. 

The council directed that dog owners also make sure their pets are properly and safely controlled within the peripheries of the owner’s property.

Equally, the municipality directed that when the dog owners decide to walk their pets to always fasten such animals on a leash under the control of the one walking with them.

Moreover, residents or dog owners are advised that under no circumstances are the dogs allowed to roam around town or in locations without a leash.

2021-05-19  Albertina Nakale

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