• June 19th, 2019
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Okakarara to wants reclaim undeveloped plots

Alvine Kapitako Windhoek-Okakarara Town Council has embarked on a plan to reclaim plots that were awarded to residents who have failed to fulfil their financial obligations by developing the residential plots. The Chief Executive Officer of Okakarara Town Council, Ehrnst Katjiku, on Thursday said the municipality would have to repossess plots, worth an estimated N$1.5 million. There are three categories of people who stand a chance to lose their erven: those who were awarded plots but did not pay anything; those who paid deposits but failed to pay instalments; while the third category includes people who paid a deposit and instalments but failed to keep up with their instalments. Katjiku said those who have made some payments and were unable to continue wouls not be refunded, as that was part of the contract. At least 45 plots may be reclaimed by the town council, if the affected people who acquired the erven do not pay, or make arrangements. Katjiku further said that some people are renting town council houses without paying for rent, water or electricity. “We have urged them to enter into a lease agreement, so that they can start paying for those services,” he said. However, since the announcement was made in July, only few people were forthcoming, Katjiku noted. “People say we have failed to develop the town, but they are hindering development by failing to honour their obligations. There is money; it’s just people [are] sitting on our money,” he insisted. There is a list of people waiting to be awarded land, but the council cannot because others are failing to pay for the plots they have already been awarded, Katjiku complained.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-20 09:25:18 1 years ago

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