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Old Mutual concludes regional food outreach

2020-09-15  Staff Reporter

Old Mutual concludes regional food outreach
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Old Mutual delivered food parcels in the Omaheke and Kavango West regions on Friday 11 September 2020, benefitting a total of 380 households and valued close to N$69 000 and N$60 000 respectively.
 This initiative marked Old Mutual’s final delivery in all 14 regions of the country, as the Kavango West and Omaheke were the last two regions to receive the food parcels as part of its commitment of N$5 million towards Covid-19 prevention efforts. 
Of the N$5 million, N$1 million was set aside for food supplies to benefit affected vulnerable individuals and communities across all the 14 regions in our country.

The offices of the governors of Omaheke and Kavango West regions, in conjunction with their respective regional councils, have identified needy individuals in specific constituencies of the regions to benefit from Old Mutual donation of the basic food items. 
This brings the total value of Old Mutual’s food outreach nationally to over N$1.5 million supporting 3 057 individuals all over the country.
The Omaheke region handover took place at the Government Regional Office Park in Gobabis where Gobabis branch manager Ghert Tjerivanga represented Old Mutual. 

“Old Mutual fulfilled its commitment as a certain friend in uncertain times and through this gesture, continue to demonstrate the ethos of being a responsible and caring business,” said Tjerivanga. 
Naftali Amukena, sales manager at Old Mutual in Rundu, committed his presence to the Kavango West handover that took place at the office of the governor in Nkurenkuru.

 He extended his appreciation to the governor’s office and National Health Emergency Management Committee who played an important role in identifying nutritionally balanced food parcels and handling the storage and distribution process responsibly.
The governors of both the Omaheke and Kavango regions were in attendance at the handovers where they extended their gratitude to Old Mutual. 
Pijoo Nganate, governor of Omaheke region and Sirkka Ausiku, governor of Kavango West region, received the food parcels with open hearts, acknowledging the difference that it will make in their respective regions.
Furthermore, at the Kavango West event, a remarkable equally important special handover was extended to the San community living in the Mukekete village in the Mphungu constituency. 
This support of blankets and food consignment to the value of N$50 000 will benefit 60 households of the marginalised San community.  

2020-09-15  Staff Reporter

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