• September 26th, 2020

Old Mutual provides support in Kavango East

Old Mutual delivered food parcels valued at over N$95 000 that will benefit 155 households in the Kavango East region. The handover took place at the office of the governor in Rundu last week, marking Old Mutual’s support to the 12th region in the country as part of its Covid-19 food outreach.
The office of the governor and the regional council have identified individuals in all six constituencies of the region that are in dire need of basic food items to benefit from this donation. This brings the total value of Old Mutual’s Food Outreach nationally to over N$1.4 million, supporting 2 777 individuals in 11 regions to date.  

During the handover, Old Mutual’s Rundu sales manager Naftali Amukena, stated that “as a responsible and caring business that has been serving Namibians for the past 100 years, Old Mutual will continue to fulfil its commitment as a certain friend in uncertain times”. He noted that the Kavango East region is well known for agricultural activities, but like other regions, many people are suffering due to poverty, increasing unemployment and other social challenges. Amukena further extended his appreciation to the governor’s office and the regional council who have played an important role in identifying nutritionally balanced food parcels and handling the storage and distributing process responsibly.

In addition to the food outreach, Amukena announced that Old Mutual would be proving support to small scale farmers in the region in collaboration with Food Namibia as part of Operation Werengendje. He noted that Old Mutual have availed N$50 000 towards acquiring high grade seeds for the 30 Operation Werengendje farmers which should be finalised by the end of October 2020. 
This donation forms part of the partnership with Food Namibia in association with Operation Werengendje as Old Mutual have been the main sponsor of the Rundu Food Expo for the past three years. However, due to the unfortunate situation of the Covid-19 pandemic overwhelming our country and in adherence to the set regulations, Old Mutual have cancelled all events that includes the gathering of more than 10 people which include the Rundu Food Expo 2020 which was scheduled for end of September 2020. 

Also, in attendance at the handover event was Bonifatius Wakudumo, governor of Kavango East region, who extended a word of gratitude to Old Mutual on behalf of the people of the region. “In March this year, Old Mutual made a commitment of N$5 million towards Covid-19 prevention efforts of which N$1 million was set aside for food supplies to benefit affected vulnerable individuals and communities across all the 14 regions in our country. Old Mutual will continue with the rollout plan in the remaining two regions in the coming weeks, in consultation with the lead ministry’s national health emergency management committee as our key partner. We will fight and overcome the Covid-19 outbreak in Namibia as we continue going great things every day.”

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2020-09-08 11:57:28 | 18 days ago

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