• May 30th, 2020

Omalyaadhila pensioners treated to early Christmas lunch

Front Page News
Front Page News

Nuusita Ashipala Omalyaadhila-About 50 pensioners were showered with gifts and treated to an early Christmas lunch at Omalyaadhila village in Omusati Region on Saturday. The lunch was organised by employed youth who wanted to show appreciation for their parents’ dedication and support in moulding them into successful professionals. Speaking at the occasion, Daniel Shikishi, a senior traditional councillor of Oshihau in the Uukolonkadhi Traditional Authority, advised the elderly to reduce their alcohol intake and not to spend too much time at the cuca shops. Shikishi also cautioned the elderly from taking children to the cuca -shops, saying it disrupts their studies and jeopardises their future. Echoing the same sentiments, spiritual counsellor at the Ministry of Veteran Affairs, Shapaka Kapolo, said society needs sober parents to discipline ill disciplined children. Kapolo said children’s rights have been exaggerated and are used as a cover for bad behaviours, such as alcohol and substance abuse and disrespecting elders. “Children should be discouraged from the use of alcohol. I do not want to believe there are parents who beat children to death. If there are, they should be reported to the authorities, but discipline should prevail in our society,” said Kapolo. Kapolo added that alcohol and substance abuse were the root causes of the escalating cases of violence, such as murder and rape. “Children do not want to learn. There is no good life obtained from outside the classroom, you need to study to become progressive in life,” Kapolo said to the children in attendance. He also voiced concern over absent fathers and unsupportive parents. He said children’s responsibility and upbringing should be a shared responsibility between parents. The elders expressed gratitude to their children for their initiative and were hopeful that the event would be celebrated annually. The Christmas lunch was the first in the Uukolonkadhi Traditional Authority and was graced by the presence of the Uukolonkadhi Traditonal Authority Chief Daniel Shooya.
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