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‘Omunahambo Wange’ on facebook and youTube

2021-08-13  Paheja Siririka

‘Omunahambo Wange’ on facebook and youTube

In some families, educated members are always seen as the most important, and family meetings cannot happen without them, while the uneducated are ridiculed and not taken seriously.

This is also the premise on which a new web series, called ‘Omunahambo Wange’ is based.

The term ‘Omunahambo’ in Oshiwambo refers to a person who is from the cattle post and ‘wange’ means mine.

“Our episodes are based on the lifestyle of the two characters, Jacky Pop (Omuhona) and Shiliva (WOkokongo). The theme is based around their different backgrounds, where one is educated and the other is not – and how they complement each other to solve problems,” said the creator of the series, Jackson Nghinamhito.

The director and producer also told VIBEZ! the series was designed to exclusively focus on the lifestyle of the boss and his cattle herder, and includes issues of borrowing money, hustling, travelling and suffering together.

They have different backgrounds and complement each other well to survive.

Nghinamhito stated the lack of education is one of the key issues being raised in the series.

The arrival of Shiliva in the city from the cattle post demonstrates how lack of education can be a problem today – while on the other hand, Jacky Pop, who is the boss only

because he inherited the title and the cattle herder from his late grandfather, does not know much about his culture and traditional values because he was brought up in the city. 

“His (Jacky Pop) character demonstrates why a poor upbringing and poor knowledge of culture and tradition can be a problem today,” explained Nghinamhito.

Notable acts in the series who have been receiving the limelight on Facebook and YouTube in the released episodes are Ndjeke Yamalimba, Cassijejessica, Thomas Shangula, KandiLu Aron, Elias Comedy, Twice-man, Saya Sasa, Raphael comedy and Katete.

“We are so pumped (happy and over the moon). This show has been gladly received and the audience is always demanding for the next episode. The subject is common in the real world - and we guess these people love watching things they can relate to,” stated Nghinamhito.

Project manager Martin Kapuka said they want to inform, inspire and entertain, as these characters portray the life of the people on the ground.

“We want people who find themselves in the same shoes as Jacky Pop or Silver Bantuan (Shiliva) to be strong and courageous, and to embrace change. We are trying to diversify in terms of shooting locations. The released episodes were shot in Eenhana, Ongwediva, Ohameva and Windhoek,” he explained.

Kapuka added: “Our show has been designed in a way that location is not an issue. Our episodes are not continuing; we are only keeping the theme, and this allows us to have the freedom to always twist/adjust the scripts whenever necessary”.

This series, gearing towards part two, is endorsed by Films Icon, Namibia Film Commission and Blaqhouse Collections.


2021-08-13  Paheja Siririka

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