• July 5th, 2020

‘On the street’ impresses viewers

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – Namibian second reality show ‘On the Street’, which premiered over the weekend, excited Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) viewers, who took to social media to express their exhilaration.
The 13-episode reality show is hosted by the Windhoek City Police in partnership with NBC to show the viewers the reality of what happens on the streets of Windhoek, the dangers and the struggle Namibian police officers face when they are on duty and on how they can create a safer and peaceful environment to community members and visitors.
“Thank you so much NBC and City Police, that was a great show and I really hope that people will learn a thing or two about the dangers of alcohol and nightlife,” an NBC viewer posted on Twitter.
Another viewer named Ndakondja also complimented the show, saying the pictures were of good quality and it was a good watch.
Representing the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Stanley Simataa, at the launch of the reality show, the Executive Director of MICT, Shiwa Iikambo, said the show has potential to change lives.
“You have now raised the bar, and I would like to see more diverse programming aimed at informing, educating and entertaining the Namibian citizens,” Iikambo added.
“Having made this production, can we come up with a show that entertains people while at the same time informing and educating them? Because the aspects of the show, as it stands, will come with dimensions that we saw valid,” said the Director General of NBC, Stanley Similo, adding that the reality show was made with a specific goal in mind.
At the same event, the City Police chief, Abraham Kanime, explained how police officers risk their lives to maintain a safer environment for everyone, even though people do not appreciate their effort until they become victims of crimes.
NBC and Windhoek City Police formalised the co-operation regarding the production and promotion of reality series show by signing an agreement, which would allow them to access the materials and equipment.
The first NBC reality show was ‘Body with Maria’, which was also celebrated and described as a good watch, as it brings people to reality.

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