• September 25th, 2020

Ondonga community rescues abandoned young family

Paulina Moses

OMUTHIYA - Hope for a better tomorrow has been restored for Petrina Johannes (21) and her family of five, who are living in abject poverty. 

Residing in Okakango village in Okankolo Constituency in Oshikoto Region, Johannes has been the head of their household since her mother moved away in 2017.  At the time of her mother’s departure, young Johannes was merely 18-years-old and a mother of one. Her mother also left behind her two younger siblings, making Johannes their guardian. They are now aged seven and nine years old respectively. 
“My mother ran away in 2017. I heard she went and got married. I never knew my father although they say he is from Omuthiya. Both fathers of my siblings are also not known to us.  We have been struggling to eat and survive,” expressed Johannes. 

The community in Ondonga heard about her sad circumstances and decided to donate money, foodstuff, and clothing in order to assist the destitute family. 

This donation in the form of clothes, food and money, was collected from various members of the Ondonga community and handed over to the family by Joseph Simaneka Asino, the Ondonga Traditional Authority Secretary.

“The kids are young and needed help. I want to thank the Ondonga community, for sharing what they have with the needy. It is evident that when someone has decided, they will do it. They listened to our king when he reiterated what the president has said - no one should die of hunger,” said Asino.

The councillor of Okankolo Constituency Hans Nambodi was equally delighted and thankful. He explained that the regional council through his office initially assisted the young family by erecting a fence around the homestead and is thankful that the community is meeting the government halfway.

“Business people have also constructed two decent and modern rooms made out of corrugated iron sheets. We have assisted them to get their birth certificates. This will now allow them to receive aid from the Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare. Life will surely improve for the young family. Let us help those who are in need, so that we can all be happy,” Nambodi said. 

“I stay alone with four children. I am thankful for the community who have thought of us. I will use these donations carefully, to ensure that it lasts us even until next year,” said a grateful Johannes. 

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