• July 11th, 2020

Ondonga fight back on as committees dissolved

Victoria Kaapanda 

ONAMUNGUNDO – In an unprecedented move yesterday, the committees established on Tuesday to ensure the late Omukwaniilwa of Ondonga Immanuel Kauluma Elifas gets a dignified send-off, were dissolved yesterday. The preparatory committees mixed members of factions that bayed for each other’s blood over who should succeed the long-serving Kauluma.

For example, Vilho Kamanya, one of the senior headmen of Ondonga Traditional Authority who were relieved off their duties by the late Kauluma, was chosen as the overall head of committees. 

But in a move that left many dumbfounded yesterday, the commitees were dissolved, with Leonard David, one of the family elders saying they were set up without consultation from the Elifas family, the late leader’s wife, children and the collective royal family. 

“What I want is peace,” said David.

“Omukwaniilwa must be buried by all his people, they are all his people.”

“Now we are waiting for the family to consult and give new instructions from the royal family and Omukwaniilwa’s family on who will be involved in the preparations of Omukwaniilwa’s burial.” 

David hinted that people who have been taking care of the late Kauluma during his long sick spell have been excluded from preparatory committees. 

He said those who had disserted Omukwaniilwa during his sickness must remain ordinary mourners and not participants in the preparations of the late leader’s funeral.  

The committees were set up by community members and the dismissed headmen. 

This was confirmed by Naeman Amalwa, an aide to the late Kauluma and a senior traditional councillor of Ondonga. President Hage Geingob, who last year intervened in the Ondonga feud by calling for amicable resolving of the differences, is expected to visit the royal family on Friday. 


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