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One Economy Foundation appoints youth on board

2021-05-07  Paheja Siririka

One Economy Foundation appoints youth on board
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Paheja Siririka

The One Economy Foundation has roped in 21-year-old Beatha Iileka and 28-year-old Macveren Kapukare on its board of directors to serve the interest of youth with its mandate.

The board comprises directors from both the first and second economy, which includes a development finance expert, car guard, chartered accountant, former police officer, lawyer, micro-entrepreneur and social worker. 

As a community and youth empowerment activist, Iileka’s experience will aid in streamlining the foundation’s renewed focus on youth.

“I feel overwhelmed and excited as one of the youngest on the group. I am a staunch supporter of youth empowerment and I will be pushing for the discussions surrounding mental health among the youth and that circumstances do not define our paths,” Iileka told New Era.

Iileka is an ambassador of the #BeFree Movement and Orange Babies Namibia. She has lived her entire life in a peri-urban settlement and uses her experience to channel the change she wants to see in her community. As a result, she founded the United Youth Charity Association, working with young people to craft solutions to social challenges. 

The Bachelor of Accounting student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) said the mission now is to represent young people and ensure they get a seat at the table, adding that every young person will be part of the change and their voices will be heard.

Her colleague, Macveren Kapukare, told New Era the appointment is an honour and being part of the foundation is enriching, considering that he has ideas up his sleeve to advocate for the accessibility of social innovation to young Namibians.

“My main focus will be to ensure youth social innovation for youth, and to bring in and revive robotic and computer science. I want everyone to have access to these facilities,” outlined Kapukare.

The energetic and results-driven software engineer is employed as an Office, CS and CSI lecturer at the Physically Active Youth (PAY) and is also interning at Green Enterprise Solution. 

Before this, he served as a robotics coordinator at FABLAB at NUST.

CEO of the foundation Sem Uutoni said the key priority for the foundation is to ensure the board reflects the values of the foundation.  

“This diverse board ensures that the interests and needs of our beneficiaries drive the strategic outcomes of all the programmes and activities. To embed and affirm our values for intergenerational dialogue and youth representation, it is prudent that our board reflects the Namibian youth demographic,” he said.  -

2021-05-07  Paheja Siririka

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