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Ongwediva pensioners get 50% discount on municipal charges

2021-05-24  Nuusita Ashipala

Ongwediva pensioners get 50% discount on municipal charges
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The Ongwediva Town Council has approved a 50% rebate on basic charges for all its senior citizens, effective from July this year.

This entails that senior citizens will be eligible to only pay for 50% on water, sewerage and waste removal.

The spokesperson at the Ongwediva Town Council, Jackson Muma, said the policy comes into effect on 01 July 2021, but will only apply to residents of Ongwediva who have turned 60 and own properties at the town, or receive a municipal bill from the council.

The implementation of the policy follows consultations between the council and the senior citizens.

According to Muma, the senior citizens indicated that municipal bills put a financial burden on them, adding to the already existing expenses, coupled with the prevailing economic conditions.

To qualify for the rebate, the senior citizens need to present proof of their residential area.

“Accounts must be owned by and/or registered in the name of the senior citizens where proof of ownership can be in a form of an official municipal bill, title deed or deed of sale or letter of allocation or, in case of a traditional homestead, a letter certifying ownership thereof by the headman,” Muma clarified.

He said the rebate will only be applicable to one residential plot for every citizen where the applicant resides, and not all residential plots in the applicant’s name.

“Should a senior citizen own more than one single residential property registered in his or her name, such citizen shall qualify for rebates on only one property where he or she resides,” added Muma.

To qualify to benefit from the policy, senior citizens are required to register in person on the prescribed application form at the start of July.

The rebate is renewable every year between 01 April 2021 and 30 June 2021.


2021-05-24  Nuusita Ashipala

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