• June 26th, 2019
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Only two survive from old SPYL central committee

Front Page News
Front Page News

Staff Reporter Windhoek Only two members of the previous central committee of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) were re-elected to the structure at the congress held in Katima Mulilo over the weekend. The outgoing central committee was elected at the league’s last congress in 2012 and served for a five-year term. Tuyeni Kandume and Lazarus Shitenga were the only two members of the previous central committee to be retained. Some members of the outgoing central committee did not seek re-election due to age, while those that took a shot at re-election – apart from Kandume and Shitenga – failed in their bid. The SPYL congress endorsed Ephraim Nekongo as secretary and Christine Haindaka as deputy secretary. Mandela Kapere and Meryam Nghidipo withdrew from the race as candidates for the secretary’s position – leaving Nekongo as the sole contender. Haindaka went into congress as one of three contestants for the deputy secretary’s position, but her two rivals withdrew at last minute, thus handing her the candidacy on a platter. Nekongo yesterday declined to discuss his vision as the new SPYL secretary, saying he would soon share with the public what he intends to achieve over the coming five years. “I’m yet to appoint my five nominees to the central committee, as is the requirement. I don’t want to talk about my plans yet until all these processes are completed,” he told New Era. “Also, I was already misquoted in one newspaper yesterday, so I’d be careful not to say much for now,” he added. Nekongo, who hails from Oshana Region, also declined to comment on the impact his inevitable migration to Windhoek to take up the new job in full-time capacity would have on his business in Oshakati. He also serves as regional secretary of the National Youth Council (NYC) in Oshana. The SPYL central committee has 50 members in total. These include 30 elected members, the five nominees of the league secretary, 14 regional secretaries and the secretary of the Swapo Pioneers Movement. Lsted below are the results of the SPYL central committee elections after the zebra-style (50/50 gender balance) was implemented: 1. Martha Akser 2. Gerson Dumeni 3. Emilia Uupindi 4. Lazarus Shitenga 5. Meryam Nghidipo 6. Bernhard Wakudumo 7. Brideness Tembwe 8. Jekonia Iifo 9. Iswarin Rooi 10. Samuel Paulus 11. Martha Jacobs 12. Hofni Iipinge 13. Hermine Sivambo 14. Marius Sheya 15. Shipola Shihepo 16. Gert Titus 17. Uveniko Negonga 18. Akser Mwafangeyo 19. Angelika Mukosho 20. Ernst Karimbue 21. Fani Kaundu 22. Alexandel Teofelus 23. Sesilia Haufiku 24. Linken Chibozu 25. Hilya Nakanyala 26. Samson Nghilumbwa 27. Ndahafa Hapulile 28. Willem Amutenya 29. Tuyeni Kandume 30. Eliphas Hengari
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2017-08-29 09:43:28 1 years ago

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