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Opinion: A happy New Year to you!

2020-01-15  Staff Reporter

Opinion: A happy New Year to you!
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We crossed the line; we crossed over to a new year – 2020. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
May this year and decade truly be a blessing for you. After all, you have found a way to survive and make it through the previous year, as well as all the previous years of your life. You truly are amazing.

As we welcome this new year and start of a new decade, please don’t forget to show gratitude for all that you have done or didn’t do to make it here today. Also, do take a moment to remember those who couldn’t make it to the new year, as well as those who were there for you and helped you through the past year. We are just as strong as our weakest link. 

It might be a happy new year, but it isn’t always going to be like that. As we’ve seen from previous years, twelve months can be quite a rollercoaster. A lot happens within a year, and it is not always positive developments and outcomes. Just as we celebrate the gift of making it into the new year, we should heed the mistakes and challenges we faced in the previous years, making worthwhile lessons out of them. 

Life isn’t easy, yet you persevered and somehow still made it into the new year, a testimony of the strength of a human being. As the new year rings in, so does a newer you – hopefully a wiser version of yourself. Through it all, you have seen and experienced a lot. The months came and went. They did a number on you, yet you stood the test and preserved – the old year just made you stronger.

This new year brings with it the beginning of a new decade – the greatest decade to be alive; this truly is a new beginning. May it bring about the greatest opportunity for everyone.
As we enter the new year, may you remain astute in your desires to be a great person for yourself and to others. Let good things happen to you and outcomes fall into your favour.

In this beautifully unpredictable life, may the new year bring you smiles, joy and maximum fun and enjoyment as the days roll by.
Wishing you all the love and strength heading into this new era.
Happy New Year!

* For feedback or to learn more about Olavi Popyeinawa, you can reach him through his email at or on Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

2020-01-15  Staff Reporter

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