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Opinion - Fill the vacuum and stop the power bulldozers

2020-07-30  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Fill the vacuum and stop the power bulldozers
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There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent corrupt, or vile men. Namibia has become one of the African countries that are experiencing terrible governance. This is a government that is full of corruption, briberies and nepotism. It is stinking in parliament, State House, and other government offices. Rot here, decay there. It is therefore now or never to fill the vacuum with fresh blood and dismiss the looters. 

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” –Edward Abbey. The wind of change is indeed blowing, and the youth must be ready to embrace it. Freedom is coming in November (Regional and Local Authority Elections). Affirmative Repositioning must be a vehicle to lead you to triumph, therefore let us go.  

The motto was once “Education is the key” but today the motto has drastically changed to “Corruption is the key”. Corruption is now systematic under this current regime. 
We are being led by crooks, looters and Judas goats. The time is therefore now to take charge. It is our future, therefore we should decide for ourselves. However, we should get ready and register ourselves during this upcoming supplementary registration slated for September. There should be no excuses anymore. 

We should remember that election is a process that starts with registration. If all the good people keep away from politics, then there will be a vacuum for good people in politics, and this gives a great opportunity for bad people to partake in politics. Having corrupt people in politics or government makes the country to go down very much. I am therefore calling upon Namibian youths to wake up and engage in politics, we must take politics seriously. 

Old people have nothing to do with our future, they don’t care at all. Youths must take responsibility and end the mentality of being bagged for voting. We shouldn’t get paid to go vote, we should take charge. It is our future, not for old people. They did their part and it is indeed sufficient, we appreciate. Enough is enough with the loyalty that we have given our leaders for the past decades now. It is evidently clear that they have failed us. 

Look at our education system; the curriculum we have does not support our needs at all. It is merely a copy and paste of Western nations. Some regions are gravely neglected in terms of education. If you think of our health facilities, you will shed tears. They fly out for medication and watch us die or even kill us if we are taking time to die and bury us under groundwater. What a shame? 

To our unemployed graduates, just know that your future is being decided by politicians. However, you must actively participate in politics and help send the toothless and egocentric leaders into early retirement. They have bulldozed us curriculums that don’t support our needs. Money went to waste. Fellow youths, we shouldn’t be problems to ourselves. Let us take politics seriously and remove the corrupt regime legally and peacefully. Let us fill this vacuum. There is nothing for us without us. Let us unite and fill the gap that is there. 

Our country needs us but we seem to have given up. There is time for each and every revolution. We should create the kind of leadership we desire. Don’t forget that election results affect your daily life. It is the one to decide whether you are going to have a university, a hospital or nothing rather than poverty. It will further decide whether you are going to have land for shelter or not. Look at the current situation where the rich get richer and poor get poorer. 

As for me, I love my country but not my government. In November conquerers shall jubilate to their triumph, while the conquered look at them with envy, devoid. Forward ever, backward never Affirmative Repositioning and other vibrant movements that intend to restore the dignity of its people. 

2020-07-30  Staff Reporter

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