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Opinion - Gamy – Comrade Strategist

2021-04-27  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Gamy – Comrade Strategist
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This is a TEAR – yes 

A song, a Poem from my rusting pen – Tears 

Oozed from my bleeding heart

Gamatham – Comrade Strategist Comrade Salamon Gamathamn

Anger silenced my lips

Comrade - you  are NOBLE and Pure

As LOVE and NATURE – like the DUNES

The DUNES of our beloved NAMIB

Together we said – ALUTA and

We all SURGED together to FREEDOM.

You suffered and sacrificed for NAMIBIA

Tireless fighter – Kaende nawa Mukuetu

Comrade Warrior – Comrade Strategist

This is a farewell VERSE to you

Our most dearest people’s Son

Salaman – Kaende Nawa Mukuetu

Comrade Strategist – REST IN PEACE



Colonel Rahimisa Wa-Kahimise

Omutukururu, Okakarara

2021-04-27  Staff Reporter

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