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Opinion: Gentle giant Chief Ankama has fallen

2021-07-14  Staff Reporter

Opinion: Gentle giant Chief Ankama has fallen
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Dr Richard Nchabi Kamwi


A gentle giant has fallen. Comrade Dr Samuel Chief Ankama is no more. Cde Ankama was there to help those in need at every opportunity. We are mourning, but at the same time celebrating an extraordinary life of a formidable politician, husband, expressive and caring someone who was ready to provide solutions to challenges, a businessman, an educationist, a non-corrupt politician, a consultant, a friend and a comrade to many.

My friend and Cde Dr Ankama was a very smart fellow. He had a taste for quality attire, but most importantly Dr Ankama detested corruption. Oftentimes, I would tease him ‘hey, how come you came out of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources a poor man; you failed to give me fishing quotas, just like your all-weather friend the late Dr Abraham Iyambo, to enrich some of us who were close to you’. The response would always be ‘my brother, you know what, I used to tell that guy that this thing will put you in trouble, and he did not listen! Where is he today?’ . That was Dr Samuel Chief Ankama.

The late Cde Ankama was honest, trustworthy, unwavering, steadfast and a straight talker. He was an unquestionable patriot, a fearless defender of the Swapo Party constitution and of the Namibian constitution 

He was a friend and comrade you could rely on; someone who believed in education as key to equality and empowerment. No wonder he died a revolutionary and peace-loving person.

2021-07-14  Staff Reporter

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