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Opinion - Lack of Affirmative Action Policy in the heritage sector

2020-08-18  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Lack of Affirmative Action Policy in the heritage sector
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Reality in the leadership and management of the cultural and heritage sector in Namibia is the absence of oversight when it comes to compliance with the application of the Affirmative Action Policy of which the office of the Employment Equity Commission is a custodian.

This concern is affirmed by the fact that the management of the sector is dominated by our female colleagues from the political leadership (ministers), executive director, director level at the ministry, the national museum management, middle management of the National Heritage Council and many national heritage programmes and sites. Genuine apprehension is if men are not expressing interest in the employment opportunities or that there are no male experts in the field of study and operation, but the status quo is worrisome.

Recently an advert on the National Heritage Council of Namibia website and in the print media for the director’s position is noted and in the circles of our progressive discussions with fellow sector players, it is our hope that, the ministry of education, culture and sports executive director, director of culture and heritage programme, and chairperson of the NHCN board ensure that the selection, interview and recruitment process of the successful candidate is objective, fair, and subject to public scrutiny for transparency so that we get someone who has the ability to lead such an institution, especially at the time when national historical monuments of colonial memorial face persecution.
It is our hope that people of relevant and related knowledge and academic background apply for this position to strut up the image of the NHCN and make it relevant and appealing and present to the contemporaries of modern day.
*Tonata Angombe is a former Historian Researcher in Liberation Heritage and archaeological issues and writes in his personal capacity.

2020-08-18  Staff Reporter

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