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Opinion - Men plant the seed

2021-10-04  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Men plant the seed
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Alvenus F. Dreyer


Men plant the seed (semen) in order for women to also produce and deliver offspring. How come us men are so cruel against our own breed, our own flesh and blood?

Worldwide statistics show that in any geographical set-up, the female gender is more in numbers compared to the opposite sex. 

This scientific reality is a blessing from the Almighty. 

Are we perhaps producing in order to abuse, misuse or even murder? 

We must and can never generalise, even stigmatise or condone gender-based violence (GBV). 

But every time and in most cases when this unfortunate social ill strikes, as men our minds are occupied by many questions. 

We must never allow ignorance, finger- pointing and the generalisation of things to distract us. 

This journey called life must jointly be embraced by husband and wife, cohabiting partners, boy and girl children, nieces and nephews, and male and female colleagues alike. 

As much as we are asking ourselves why this is happening, as men we are also longing for some direction and guidance.

No matter yesterday, today or tomorrow, life will always teach us the same lessons, lessons of love, respect and responsibility. 

Let us be reminded that in order for us to maintain and foster the latter mentioned, we need each other as men and women. 

Men must continue to plant seeds and nurture these together with their female counterparts, just as was done in the Garden of Eden in order to beautify, maintain and fulfil the purpose of life.

2021-10-04  Staff Reporter

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