• December 3rd, 2020

OPINION: Moving forward despite Covid-19

While trying to navigate the unfamiliar waters of the Covid-19 pandemic, most employers are trying to find innovative ways to keep the organisation afloat and retain all (or at least as many as possible) of their employees.
This unprecedented time calls for unprecedented measures, such as requesting employees to work during the weekend or work extra hours. Now more than ever, employees and employers are required to work in unison to move forward, despite challenges brought by Covid-19.
An unfortunate reality, however, is that there will be retrenchments in many organisations, especially in industries such as tourism, which are most affected by the pandemic. Some companies will only be able to afford to keep on the employees that are deemed most crucial to the survival of the company. Those that are self-motivated, dedicated, and innovative and contribute towards the sustainability and growth of the organisation will be rewarded.
To prevent the closure of organisations and the subsequent loss of jobs, both the employers and the employees need to band together to fight for the survival and growth of the organisation. As an employee, you might need to position yourself so that if/when the organisation gets to a point where restructuring or retrenchment becomes a reality, your employer sees you as crucial to the survival of the company. Practically, this might mean that you will need to go above and beyond your job description and showcase all your other skills and competencies. 
You might need to figure out how you can contribute to new developments, help out in other departments of the organisation etc.
Until some type of new normal and stability has been established, we all need to get comfortable with the fact that a little more, or a little different will be required from us both as employers and employees.
If you are fortunate enough to start a new job during this time, ensure that you read your employment contract thoroughly and ensure that you understand every aspect of it. If there is anything you aren’t sure about, enquire from the employer so that you are fully comfortable with all of your terms of employment, before you sign the contract.
When you are given a task, do it so well that it surpasses everyone’s expectations. Strengthen yourself within the organisation, let it be known that you’re capable of doing your job and more. We’re all going to approach our working environment like this if any of our organisations are to survive… and survive, they must.

*Tuuda Haitula is a human resource practitioner. The views and opinions expressed herein are purely his.

Staff Reporter
2020-07-22 13:48:11 | 4 months ago

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