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Opinion - Open letter to the media

2020-07-08  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Open letter to the media
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On the 28th of April 2017, I approached MTC via e-mail with the idea of multiple Aweh. The idea is that consumers can purchase Aweh products for more than seven days but pay for it as a once-off product and in advance. You can buy Aweh products for two to four weeks and pay that as a once-off product. When one week of Aweh expires, the other one kicks in. In other words, you cannot run out of airtime.  

I sent the e-mail to Mrs L van Wyk, describing the multiple Aweh to purchase as once-off. Secondly, I asked for a payment when they use the idea – and thirdly, the idea was meant only for MTC and not for other competitors. In May 2017, I had a telephonic conversation with Mrs van Wyk.  She told me that MTC does not implement ideas from the public; they only do it themselves or they hire private contractors – and that was the end of the conversation. I had no choice but to approach the media with my idea. 

On 19 January 2018, Mr John Ekongo acknowledged my idea via The Namibian newspaper. He commented on the title in the article to allow us to purchase multi-aweh products. He also said it was an absolute joy to read the article. He said “MTC would not be able to be this successful if not for the loyal and patronage support of citizen like WG Eiman, whose advice and foresight in his letter proves our mantra of “making the connection. We all think we’re responsible for our own success but we couldn’t do it without each other and the advice offered in his letter is invaluable, and we will most definitely submit to our products, innovations and solutions team”.

On the 11th of June, I sent the proof of my idea of 2017 and the letter of Mr John Ekongo to the personal assistant to MTC’s CEO, Rochelle Neidel, but there was no response. That is why I went again to the media because I had not received any response from MTC. 
I think MTC is cheating because they takes the concept and the exact name of my idea. They just changed the format so that it looks like their own product. MTC is cowardly hiding the truth that it is my idea I brought forward to them. They make millions of dollars out of a poor man’s idea. Why did MTC come up with this idea after I approached them with mine? If they already had the idea, why did Mr Ekongo send me an acknowledgement letter?

2020-07-08  Staff Reporter

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