• July 13th, 2020

Opinion - Racism: The George Floyd story

The world is in an uproar! The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020 in the USA was an act of premeditated murder as called by some. 
Police in the United States of America has through the years being on a killing spree against people of colour, and nothing was being done against them. 
The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) condemns the killing of an innocent black person by a white policeman, an act of racism.
In Namibia, after living through German oppression, followed by more than 70 years of Afrikaner racism through apartheid, we thought we gained independence in 1990, only to be caught up in racism of black against black. 
Through a false sense of security and made-up history, just like South African Afrikaners who still rule the economic life in Namibia, or the Germans before them, who believed that the colour of their skin makes them superior to black people, racism in an economic manner is still practised in Namibia.

LPM wants to call on President Donald Trump to do more in his presidency to stop the killing of unarmed black people by American police forces. 
President Trump’s way of addressing black people in his administration or famous black people, in general, is at the heart of how he will respond to the frenzy of protests against racism in America. 

Perhaps Trump will learn, through the protests spreading around the globe in response to another black person being killed, that he can decide how his administration can safeguard the lives of black people.
The fact that police usually killed black people in the USA does not only prove that the police is racist, but that whole system is racist. 
The protests around the globe need to prove to Trump and allies that ordinary people become angry against tyranny.
 Trump should thus calm the people of the United States and change the approach of police towards black people, by changing the laws that protect white people and their privileges.

Racism, after many centuries, was only made a crime against humanity in 1952, mostly due to the fight against Apartheid as practised by South Africa against black people. 
Yet the same United Nations could and would not take a stand against the USA, with their long history of segregation, the Ku Klux Klan and pure racism against people of colour. 

One can ask if the silence that the UN has about USA privilege is because the UN was born in the USA? Or the fact that the UN is situated in the USA? Or that majority of UN budget was paid by the USA?
Racism is evil, as the people of the world currently shows the USA. Somewhere the UN needs to take a stance against the abuses by the United States. 

As a country that fought a civil war to get rid of slavery, the United States is caught up in a system of corporatism, where human beings are used as fodder to slave away their lives in making corporations richer and richer, yet less caring about people, communities and the environment.

LPM stands in solidarity with all black people in the USA, against own government and the racist forces. 
It is high time that the distorted histories of the world are corrected, and no more written by the victors. 
We should have a history that is written by the people, a history of the contributions by all the people towards our world. 
White America should stop killing own fellow citizens, and as a fellow state of the UN, follow UN charters against war, foreign invasions such as Liberia and Iraq, but more importantly, treat all its citizens as equal before the law.
Just as there was an Arab Spring in North Africa, a revamped and differentiated Arab Spring is needed to make America more humane; while the same Arab Spring should happen across Africa, to rid ourselves of our corrupt regimes. 
An Africa where the intellectuals are locked-up or killed, or leave Africa to make life in other countries. Black lives matter, and if people do not believe that, try running the world without black people, and you will see the 

Racism is self-hate perpetrated against people of colour. It does not need to be white against black, but can be black against black as well. As in Africa where the politically connected people with power enrols the security forces to protect their corrupt practices against own people.

*Fritz H Dausab is the LPM lead manager for global affairs.

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2020-06-02 09:30:52 | 1 months ago

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