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Opinion - Swapo’s invisible enemy decoding 

2020-12-11  Staff Reporter2

Opinion - Swapo’s invisible enemy decoding 

Philips Ndunda   

Taking a reflective angle inclines one to replay the events of the war in the then corridor of sufferings or triangle of death, pegged with common landmarks and memories of denial, loss of hope rejection visibly written on the faces of Namibian freedom fighters. 

Scrip writing Namibia’s independence without punctuating it with Swapo’s corridor of sufferings or triangle of death, in war zones located in Angola and d Zambia is regrettably as good as ignoring the daily tears shed in the quest to the attainment of the independence of the country. Despite all these, Swapo was an admired force of PLAN guerrillas branded in discipline, comradery. 

Sadly, Swapo did not only leave behind bomb shelters, landmark military camps but resting souls in marked and unmarked graves, consisting of orphans, mothers, sisters, brothers and frontline sacrificing freedom fighters. This fate was not self-made, but part of a programmed long term colonial agenda and Namibia, unfortunately, happened to be part of this calculus.  

Today, it is not only Swapo which is exposed to generational betrayal, but the searching souls of our brothers, sisters in single and mass graveyards, in Angola and Zambia. One wonders how these souls can rest in peace in foreign territories and more so if the young generation of today choose to take a path of betraying the very sovereignty for which the souls perished.    

It may be correct that the aspirations of the youth are obscured by economic realities, resulting in lack of jobs, lost hope and prospects to secure jobs immediately after graduating. 

The truth is that the young generation is pursuing and only seeing innocent lizards on the ground and the walls, but they cannot see the harmful crocodiles in their own pockets and therefore do not understand the primary source of the burden. Those who ought to understand will criticize because of purely the absence of the will and determination to discover whether what is being advanced in the discourse is correct or not. 

Twenty-one years ago, and in a ceremonial manner, Namibia was enticed to conclude what is referred to as investment promoting double taxation treaties. Signing these treaties confirmed Namibia’s appetite to promote economic growth, desire to have investments that generate employment to eradicate poverty, but at the same time country is designed to sign revenue treaty which symmetric distributive that fits with the model of the economy.   

Question: Why was Namibia allowed to sign a double taxation treaty, which is asymmetric distributive instead of the one that is symmetric distributive? Why was the same revenue treaty overridden through an external state aid control participation exemption taxation regime?     

All these events equate to the design of an economic collapsing template so that years later Swapo stands in the conviction box of blame.  
The challenge to Swapo and equally the nation is not the threats from the economic realities. It is rather the inability to understand the primary source of the economic burden and difficulties. Unemployment and the resulting high poverty levels are resultant effects.  

Let us justify the above statement by asking some irritating questions: Is the Swapo Party responsible for the current economic hardships? How could the Swapo-led government effectively realise robust economic growth that creates employment, when the government is left to administer a wrong revenue treaty for 21 years now? How is government expected to effectively address social ills if the same treaty has been overridden through an external state aid control participation exemption taxation regime?    

Swapo did not fail, but the enemy crafted a failure template so that this failure is assumed to be the failure of Swapo in the minds of the young generation, through the above schemes. 
The western man says little knowledge is extremely dangerous and so harmful that it can advance generational curse. When marginal thinking is the only level of a perspective view, conclusive blame and condemnation become the order of the day.   

Both the Swapo Party and the born free generation have become victims to the invisible enemy’s knavish incitement of mistrusts, public discontent, anger and the creation of poverty, unemployment, as well as societal disorientation.   
Unlike Cuba’s young generation, which I have, high respect for, Namibia’s young generation is far from understanding the protection of state sovereignty. 

The enemy knows this too well that Namibian young professionals do not understand sovereign protection and therefore are at the liberty to surrender all, once they are exposed to economic hardships.   
Today, the very Swapo Party that liberated the country from the yoke of colonialism is viewed as having economically failed and being cursed for the current levels of poverty.     

Swapo’s enemy is super invisible to those who have not mastered the secret of taxation. The enemy is no longer at the doorsteps but in the bedroom.  
To sustain governance and sovereign protection Swapo must hit back and destroy the invisible enemy’s master gun; (i.e. the externally sponsored State aid control participation exemption taxation regime which is linked to the Namibian economy). 

2020-12-11  Staff Reporter2

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