• August 7th, 2020

Opinion: The actions of a few

Sy aankoms is soos donderweer, wat blits sonder ‘n druppel van die wolklose hemel. Dit blits met die doel om te verblind. Hy  hardloop soos ‘n afkop hoender rond in ons vredeliewende huis, waar niemand meer ontuis voel nie. Hy  verwaarloos landsbestuur met die trek van die oogtand. Sy aankoms spreek niks anders as donkerte oor ons en ons kinders se lewe nie. Sy doel is om onwerwags die gloeilamp uit te ruk, die enigste liggie wat ons dapper seun aangeskakel het om hoop te bring sedert 2015. Hulle voeg allerhande name by op my land se groot seun se plakkaat. Die sirkus het na ons gesamentlike huis getrek in wolf’s klere. Ek gaan stem vir Hage Geingob namens my volk en dorre vaderland. 

Tjakangua nu katjino munuke, therefore as Thabo Mbeki said nandi tameke, ã-tä tsoa tsoa.
Mbeki taught us that the great masses who are our mother and father [instilled in us the spirit] not to permit that the behaviour of the few results in the description of our country and people as barbaric [and ethnic].
His readings call upon us to be wary to the fact that … the corruption of the mind and the soul because of the pursuit of an ignoble effort to perpetrate a veritable crime against [ourselves] is an ill we should shun and despise.

The raw and spontaneous display of emotions by our leaders (crying and dancing) in response to the genuine display of trust by the occupants of the proverbial Namibian house is testimony of the visible umbilical cord between our leaders and our masses. 

The masses of our people are indeed alive that contrary to the message of the naysayers, the vast majority of this country consciously know and understand that the Namibian house can only be developed when we purposefully hold hands in the pursuit of the collective peace, unity and stability of our nation. 
Our people have shown that only the current leadership are worthy of their trust and their ability to bring the much-desired change.  We all are equally qualified to orderly and respectfully despise the drought and its effects and at the same time pray for the drops of the rain.     

Our democracy has come of age. President Hage Geingob has changed the face of our politics, deliberately and consciously, as we move away from the unpleasant scenario of some areas of our country displaying an intolerance towards those with different and divergent views. Under the tested leadership of Geingob, we are being taught not to lose focus of this inheritance called Namibia, in midst of anarchists roaming freely in our streets and exposes the shallowness of their debates and their undesirable effect of their actions. The aim of the anarchist is to destroy and not to rebuild. They trample upon the fabric of society as they even attempt to embarrass and humiliate the embodiment of our being in full view of the stars. 

When they surrounded the motorcade of the President, they gave the message to the outside world that what happened in Somalia is a part of our culture. This we should reject outrightly as my brother Henny Seibeb stated recently and cast the vote for the Swapo Party candidate, for my mind dreads to think as to what could have happened had they gotten hold of the President. 

I believe that despite the heavy sand in the Omaruru River, we have the power and the resoluteness to make it to the campsite on the other side through the process akin to our country, dialogue (Geingob), and the mightier than the sword action of a cross on the ballot paper before sunset. 

Despite the inequality which characteriss our country, and the difficulty of accessing the necessity of life at our pace, we know that if we keep on the walk in unison, our burden is lessened. A need is only everlasting if intertwined with that of the collective. 

It is needless to remind each other that the greatest inheritance we have is this piece of land we call home. We need to reject the action of a few and quarantine their anarchist tendency hell bent on rubbishing our collective efforts and resolve.  Our focus should be on the bigger challenges facing us on a daily basis, than on the path to State House of those who are willing to project this country as a toy to be given to those with intellectual disability. 

They spend money they acquired in the absence of hard work, just to label true and genuine servants of the leadership. Their financiers and handlers knew about the existence of the anomaly within the system, because they created it by plundering our resources when they were in charge. They project themselves as messiahs yet they fail to inform our masses of the team they will employ. Even the true socialist to have walked this earth, Jesus, who shared a loaf of bread with five thousand people, had disciples with faces. 

These are anarchists who have proven not to stop at nothing in the pursuit of their efforts to quench their lust for fame and power. Their hatred for one individual, who continues to turn the other cheek for them, is threatening our existence and the social order.  They stop at nothing to attempt to create social disorder, which they hope will let the masses of our people lose faith and hope in our collective dream.  

That visionary son from the Ondonga area, Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, already told us that the struggle will be long and bitter. Notwithstanding the noise of the skeptics, we have made strides as a country. Whatever the conclusion of the anarchist, our strength lies in the orderliness of our institutions and the unity of our society, which dates back to the turn of the century when our ancestors all came to the rescue of one another as they fended off the attacks by the early colonisers. 

Whatever the frustration of the moment, whatever our differences as a nation, we dare not abandon our resolve to remain optimists. We owe it our children to bequeath to them a united country they can take to greater heights. A vote for Geingob is a vote against regionalism, tribalism and these anarchists who live in the state of denial.   

A vote for Geingob will be the rejection of an attempt to make us see each other as different. God bless our country and our children.

*Joshua Razikua Kaumbi is a holder of BA Political Science and Sociology (Unam), LLB (Stellenbosch) and is an admitted legal practitioner, currently on legal sabbatical. His opinions are expressed in his capacity as a Namibian by birth, and not choice.

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