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Opinion - The ball is in Oshikoto region’s court 

2021-01-19  Staff Reporter

Opinion - The ball is in Oshikoto region’s court 
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Nkrumah Mushelenga

As part of his national political social economic diversification dream in 2020, Professor Mburumba Kerina appealed to members of the public in general and members of Parliament and National Council in particular, to investigate the possibility of transferring the second house of parliament – National Council – to Omuthiya town in the Oshikoto region. For detailed information, please see New Era.

We the residents of Oshikoto region support and overwhelmingly accepted the notion. We are horizontal and vertically trading the model with the communities of Oshikoto, to develop passion with professor Kerina’s social-economic intention for the country.
According to the Professor, if the second house of parliament – National Council is transferred to Omuthiya in Oshikoto region, this will provide the young generation with employment to prevent them from flocking to urban areas. He also appealed to the President of the Republic, Dr Hage Geingob, to convene the two houses of parliament to adopt a sustainable development plan of action, to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for development and further to provide access to justice for all for the building of effective accountable institutions at all levels in the country. 

We the residents of Oshikoto, commend comrade Professor Kerina, for his political, patriotic, social-economic, informative, educational, and motivation debatable opinion.
For every peace-loving Namibian to comprehend the message, kindly allow me to paraphrase the story content as it was written.
Professor Kerina started his opinion by reading an extract from a prayer that Chief Hosea Kutako wrote to the United Nations with Rev. Michael Scott in 1945. 

“O Lord help us who roam about. Help us who have been placed in Africa and have no dwelling place of our own. Give us back our home.”
Professor Kerina, then asked a wisdom heartfelt question, “what world are we leaving for our children”? and informed the Young Namibians that they have a legitimate right to be angry.  

He further inspired the Youth of Namibia to sit in Parliament and at every table, to stop and repair what he called the “catastrophe of intergenerational crime and inequality”.
The Professor spoke of an inevitable serious crisis between generations in the country and cautioned that the intergenerational crisis between Namibian youth and the older is increasingly on the rise. 

Professor Kerina likewise, alerted the general public that the Namibian government has created a system that disproportionately rewards the happy few, at the expense of the Namibian majority.
He then legitimately so, advised the government that “Young Namibians who suffered under the apartheid dispensation, are justifiably so deeply hurt and angry. “According to him, they see this policy as betrayal of their future” adding that, the country is moving in the direction of un-governability phase.

As residents of Oshikoto regions, we applause Professor Kerina’s article and consider it, as a political revolutionary message aimed at consolidating the country’s social-economic democratic values. As veterans of the liberation struggle, we see this as a dream come true, and that the struggle for social-economic liberation has just begun. 

We are happy to learn that there are many old and young patriotic Namibians revolutionary cadres, who continue to uphold the objectives of our forefathers and mothers to liberate our land and its economic resources from foreign occupation. The Nehale lyaMpingana, Hosea Kutako, Hendrick Witbooi, Jacob Kuhangwa, Brendan Simbwaye, Mandume ya Ndemufoyo, and Iipumbu yaShilongo, just to mention a few. We are indeed happy to hear, see, feel, and test the revolutionary determination and commitment of Young Namibians to social-economic liberate the majority Namibians generation impoverished communities, from the bondages of economic slaveries being managed by Banks, Municipality and government parastatals, trade unions and private sectors.

We thank God for Blessing Comrade Professor Kerina with intact unshakable health, and unwavering love for his country and its people. In the same vein, we appeal to the Namibian people countrywide, to support the notion. Professor, your article serves as a unifying roadmap to social-economic liberation. We see the year 2021-2022, as years of social-economic revolution (transformation). Why? Because we indeed learned that in life no human being is above natural law. What impressed the residents of Oshikoto is that Professor Kerina’s view is not defamatory or character assassination campaign against any individual president of political party or tribal groupings. 

It is a well-orchestrated inclusive message for all age groups, designed to capture the hearts and minds of all genders and age groups. The message inspires both youth and elders to consolidate our commitment towards the struggle for social-economic liberation. 
The message is notifying Namibian politicians irrespective of their political party, that they all have a common constitutional mandate or obligation, and that they were delegated by electorates (voters) to represents the people of Namibia, guided by the objectives of the Constitution of Namibia.

The message talked about the common enemy of the Namibian people, which remains “poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and disease. Comrades and compatriots, such communication narrative deserves a speedy and prompt serious consideration by all Namibians and in particular the residents of Oshikoto region. It is a national designed inspiring and debatable topic. It encourages the youth, the elders to act and deliver in unison and not to allow us to be divided by greediness.

Professor Kerina, be rest assured that the residents of Oshikoto region have been searching for a better inclusive congratulatory word, to vertically and horizontally express our waves of appreciations in line with your God blessing dream for Oshikoto region of Namibia. We will keep you in our daily prayer and wish to give a standing ovation and physically shake hands with you, during ground the breaking ceremony for the construction of the offices of the second house of parliament - National Council in Omuthiya town in the Oshikoto region. 

2021-01-19  Staff Reporter

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