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Opinion - The derivations of poverty

2021-08-31  Staff Reporter

Opinion - The derivations of poverty

Joseph Kayongo

The battle against poverty is won by those who fearlessly claim their share of the universe. Those of us who fear life challenges are used as tools for masters who are fearless. Fear is a derivative of poverty. 

If we don’t master it well, it causes a mental battle of whether you should take a decision or not. I am always in this battle when I have something new to do, and the more I do it, the more I defeat my emotional fear, the better and stronger I become to take control of the situation.

Poverty shows that we have failed as a government and as individuals. We blame the government because all the big responsibilities to make the nation prosper are in the hands of the government. If the government is blaming their people for being poor, then there should be no government system to elect who should lead us. But as long as there is a government system, the government should take full responsibility. 

Like I said previously, we have spent billions of dollars on our country’s elections, hoping that we will elect good leaders who can solve our problems. But little has been done to change our situation, and our leaders are shifting the blame onto us. Then, why are we wasting billions of dollars on a system that is not helping us? We have a lot of developmental projects that we can spend these billions of dollars on, but because of the government system, we spend it on elections, hoping for a better future. I call it ‘leadership investments scheme’.

These elected leaders owe us dividends. We invested public money, but only a group of people benefit from the public money, and you still want us to be sober-minded. This is not a democratic system we are using. The leaders should make sure that they create sufficient  opportunities to refund our invested dollars. Some countries are rich in mineral resources, but the system that they use to convert these minerals into a wealth source is corrupt.

Let’s just agree that we are not poor. Poverty is a result of an unproductive system used at a government level or individually because if we stop wasting money on unproductive developments, then we will produce enough funds to share with our people who gave us power. We only fail in leadership when we stop meeting people’s needs who put us into power. I know it’s tough to satisfy everyone’s needs, but let’s give it our commitment to do the best that we can. People know when you are trying to do your part as a leader, and they have no reason to blame you. Not everyone will support you, but the majority will be on your side. Talking about our leaders doesn’t mean I hate our leaders, but we all have some thoughts and reasons to share with people in leadership positions. 

No one is perfect; that’s why most of us are saying when we discuss issues, there’s a chance to pick up some ideas that can help us in our careers. We all see things in our own different ways and when we bring these ideas together, they can make sense.

Sharing my views and opinions puts me at a leadership level. It doesn’t mean I have mastered everything, but I share the little knowledge that I have, hoping that it will help those who need my ideas. Our problem is when unknown people share their ideas, we pretend to ignore those ideas. We’re supposed to fill our brain with these small ideas if we want to be well-equipped leaders.

Let’s not always debate as politicians on irrelevant things because the longer we debate, the more our people suffer in the process. We must have a sense of urgency, and we should stop debating unimportant issues and implement solutions to problems. Debate is a method of solving problems, but there are issues that we cannot debate on. Land is an issue of high demand now. We cannot delay the process because the population will be doubled. 

It’s not that we don’t have land to give people. The main issue is bringing services to these pieces of land. There are people who really want to settle with their family members, but there is no land available for them to settle.

This can derivate poverty because you have no place that you can call your own, and it’s difficult to sustain your life. Some people are making it difficult for people who need land to get land. Greedy people got a piece of land, but they want more land, while there are people struggling to get a place to stay, even for one night. This is greed.

2021-08-31  Staff Reporter

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