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Opinion: Use of your time effectively while being unemployed

2021-11-03  Staff Reporter

Opinion: Use of your time effectively while being unemployed
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If you have ever been a student, then you also probably thought it was going to be easy getting a job after graduating from whatever it is you studied at university or college.

But just like me, I came to understand that awards are only pacifiers giving us temporary happiness.

For the record, I have sent hundreds of application forms over time and, just like you, have been invited a number of times to different job interviews at various companies.

The disappointing part is never getting accepted to any of them.

With the help of friends and family, you might keep believing that one day, just someday, you might eventually get the right job – until one day you receive a call from a distinguished company for an interview you have passed, and was requested to come back for an examination – just for the examiner to ask you questions that do not even have anything to do with the job description and they expect you to nail them.

You are then told that if by any chance you passed, you will be contacted for a final examination, obviously forgetting that you are not the only one who is told that – you get all excited and pray very hard, believing the job is yours already.

A week after not getting any phone calls, you send a follow-up text message and you get the following response: “Good day, We are very sad to inform you that you have not passed the examination”.

One will then be stressed and disappointed; you find yourself in bed for a whole day or two not going anywhere or even attending church as much as you used to.

You automatically stop and become disappointed with God after a few days of being stagnant and depressed.

You are then are left with no choice but to get yourself up. That is called hope. This is unfortunately the untold truth we have all experienced – if not close.

If you are confused about your future or maybe you have been through this, let me tell you, worrying only makes us miserable.

I used to care a lot about people’s opinions and felt ashamed of being unemployed.

So, we need to know that the more we worry, the harder it becomes for us to get the right job.

One thing is that God never wants us to worry – no matter what.

He wants us to trust in him so that he can entrust his blessings on us as well. So, tap yourself on the shoulder, and say “God is in control”.

Just make use of your time effectively while being unemployed. We are not forever in the same situation – and if you have the time to scroll through Facebook feeds and checking out people’s progress and success, just do yourself a favour and get off and seek personal growth.

Attend free events, meet people who will help you grow, learn more or volunteer your time helping with someone’s business.

Being unemployed also helps us have enough time to do the things we best love doing – like travelling and seeing new places.

So, do everything you love while you are free.

Most importantly, never lose your vision; always tap into your skills and talents, as they will help you through the process.

Don’t just focus on being a dreamer – be visionary; begin with an end in mind.

Like many others you may not understand the purpose of struggles, but one day it will all make sense, and you will be amazed by how mysterious life can be – just trust the process.

Remember if you lose your vision, you will be left with nothing. You need to continue believing in yourself, because nothing is impossible to those who believe.  Finally, you are not destined to be insecure if you see your family and friends climbing the ladder high with their careers, and there you are still in the storm of your days and still busy finding your ladder of success. Just remember that you are a special being, a special person, unique on a different but yet special mission. Keep the faith to God and yourself.


2021-11-03  Staff Reporter

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